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December 22, 2009


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hooray for cookies! they look great. I'm declaring Thursday Christmas Eve cookie baking day! I'm so excited too


I love baking this time of year. And here is another one I have to add to the list.


Hee hee. I feel like I'm also on an all-dough diet lately. Don't these feel somewhat healthy? You know, with the protein from the egg white and all...your volcanos look fantastic!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pecan pie. I love it above all other pies. Hope you enjoy it!!


THOSE look like cookies, not little mountains of ______. How'd you do that? They actually "look" delicious! So glad you made them and enjoyed them after your marathon cookie binge. Now, where's that vanilla almond refrigerator cookie dough....?


Girl, I am trying every cookie you put up. I'm in overload. They are all so good and easy to make. I'm ready for the pecan pie. It's a friend's fav!!


Yes, these were good, albeit rather ugly. ;)
I'd like some salmon and quinoa and cookie dough please!
Happy Holidays!


I didn't make these...yours really look great! And a diet of cookie dough sounds awesome to me!!!


Thanks for posting Teanna. I made these last night and they came out picture perfect and delicious! I think I might make them again for the eve! Super simple!


You crack me up!

I skipped out on these...and I have now seen the error of my ways!

Hope you are not all cookied out!


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