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December 01, 2009


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Vegetarian dish! WOOT!

Me thinks I'll have to give this a whirl.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Yum! I'm still clueless as to how to eat turnips. At least now I've got an idea.


I think this is the best season of Top Chef yet ... some really talented chefs have made some amazing dishes and this is surely one of them. Kudos for attempting it and executing so well ... I have yet to make anything Top Chef!


I see that you got the liquid smoke! I responded a little (well a lot) late! I am new to Twitter LOL! This looks amazing! I love all of the components, so it must be delicious.


That is ONE impressive dish! And that Anthony Bourdain quote cracked me up.


I enjoyed this episode of Top Chef! I'll have to save the recipe. You did an awesome job of recreating it!

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