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December 25, 2009


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Merry Christmas to you too!


I'm sure the dog enjoyed the cookies! They look very yummy... :)

Merry Christmas!


Oh, no! We had a dog when I was in high school that did a lot of things similar to that... Merry Christmas, Teanna!



Merry Christmas!

I'm looking forward to more laughs in 2010!:)

Anne Marie

I had everything out on the counter to make some fudge when Scout ate the semisweet chocolates in the sealed bag. That was followed by a quick call to the vets to make sure that she would be ok. She'll come over and steal all your cookies!


Aura ate the cookies for Santa while I was putting the little guy to bed Christmas Eve ... well, the cookies that Johnny hadn't already "tested" to make sure Mommy wasn't poisoning the big guy. Your cookies were very pretty, though :)


This year there was stolen butter, almost stole turkey and a lot of grumbling followed by, 'Who puts bacon under the Christmas tree!'...it's never a dull moment with dogs.

The Duo Dishes

Awwwww pup pups. Can't blame them for eating cookies, though it's surprising he had no tummy ache after all that sugar. Happy holidays to you!


Aww doggies! And those biscuits looked scrumptious too.


Joan Nova

those are 3 very beautiful photos.

best wishes for 20-10.

Bianca @south bay rants n raves

Merry Christmas to you too!


I hope he was forgiven ! I can't believe you had the guts to bake more cookies !! Tanti auguri di buon anno !!


i made so many chocolate brownies with nuts and different many cookies!! :D m loving yers too!! hope ye had a wonderful Christmas and wish ye and ye family a very happy new year 2010!! :D

The Food Hunter

OH MY! I Love the dog!

Cibaria Oils

What a GORGEOUS dog! And the cookies weren't lookin' so bad either!


Oh no! But with that face, how can you not forgive him.
Happy New Year!


Oh but your doggie is too cute. How could you not share your cookies?! No wonder he had to steal them. Just wook at that tweet face. LOL Happy New Year!


Oh no! Hard to believe that innocent looking puppy ate all the cookies! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas regardless.

my year without

Last year my in-laws dog ate about 5 gingerbread houses that we all spent hours working on! We couldn't believe it. It makes you mad at them for a second, but then you can't help but feel bad for their little canine tummies!


Your cookies look awesome. I love the dog photos! Post more. =) Too bad your parents dog ate all the cookies though.

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