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December 21, 2009


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These are gorgeous. I think I would love the outer shell the most, honestly. But I can so imagine them flying off of a table around the holidays.

Bianca @south bay rants n raves

Like everything else I've seen from you, these are good! On a side note, I made your candy cane cookies for my party last weekend & they were a hit! :-)


These look super delish! I'm already getting sad that as of Saturday LiteFM goes back to lite music :(


Very Holidelicious!


Here is the link to the Boxing Day definition in Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day
But basically, if you don't want to look it up, it derives from the time when people gave a 'Christmas Box' to their servants or labourers. Some people still give a 'tip' to their postman, dustman (garbage removal guy) and milkman at Christmas. I doubt if anyone does it on Boxing Day though as it is a public holiday. This year we get an extra long holiday because Christmas is on a Friday, so Boxing Day gets added on Monday. But remember we don't get a holiday for Thanksgiving, so I guess it all evens out in the end!

In Scotland we also get two days at New Year - the second day being for that hangover cure day!


Okay, I found my way here via foodbuzz.com - the picture enticed me.
Now, they look delicious. And I hoped to make them myself. But when I came to your recipe, I was stumped.
What is 'Red Velvet cake mix', what is 'cream cheese frosting in a can', and what is 'chocolate bark'? Are these American brands? What would their English equivalent be?

What are the actual ingredients to these things so I can make them myself?

Bearing in mind I'm the sort of person who when making pumpkin pie roasts and peels the pumpkin, grinds the individual spices in my pestle and mortar, and rubs the flour with the butter and water to make the pastry. i.e. I only do things from scratch.

Normally I would shake my head and give up on the idea of making these Christmas Balls, but they look so good that I had to give it a shot and see if there was a translation.

Any help you can give would be appreciated! If not, no worries and Merry Christmas!


I'm with you - I can already sense the impending post holiday crash - it's just depressing!

But I'll have another cake ball - that will make it all better again.


Easy peasy. Will remember this one for Valentine's Day.


I definitely want to try this to bring to the boyfriend's mother. They look good enough to eat!!!!

The Law Office of Levinson Axelrod

I've seen these that look like mini mini mini cupcakes. So delicious!!!


You are in the top. Congratulations :)
Mmmm... Great recipe...


These are just SO cute! Have a great holiday Teanna!!



I was told by a British co worker a few years back, that Boxing Day is the day that the Lords and Ladies would give "boxes" or gifts to their servants.

I think we should start celebrating Boxing Day. Are you in? I have a meltdown when all the Christmas cards stop coming.

Those cake balls look awesome!


These look like a great Christmas treat. And what fun to share your love of Christmas with your boyfriend. Has he been swept away with the festivity yet?


Wow...those look very pretty and good enough to eat!
I have to say though Halloween is my most favorite holiday.....

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These are gorgeous! I saw them on the Foodbuzz Top 9 the other day, but didn't have a time to read the post until just now. I have to try making some cake balls very soon. I'm thinking I'll have to make them for New Years!


Diane made those for Christmas Yummy :D


have you tried any other cake/frosting combinations?


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