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December 16, 2009


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I am definitely going to try this! We love shrimp and butternut squash. It looks awesome!


that looks wonderful and tasty! I know how ridiculously expensive produce is in the city, it is such a shame because sometimes the produce is not even that good and yet the price for it is insane.


This dish looks & sounds amazing! I love dishes that taste & look rich and decadent without all the fat... I hate it when I pick up bad produce... It's so frustrating. I am pretty spoiled in California, but it does happen...

Looking forward to more cookies! :)


Giada has such delicious yet simple recipes. This one looks great.

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Yum!!! I love Giada's recipes. Wow 600 cookies. I think I've mentioned this before, but I can barely get through making 2 dozen. lol.


This sounds so good and I have all of the ingredients in the house. Yay!


It's funny - I usually don't love squash, but sprinkle some basil into a good butternut squash soup or sauce, and I love it. Will definitely use this the next time I make pasta! Thanks for sharing.


I love butternut squash and I also love pasta dishes so this one is a big win in my book! Love how colorful it is - thanks for sharing :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

A delicious combination of rigatoni and butternut squash and prawns! Yum!


That looks delicious! I could definitely eat a plateful (or two) of this dish!


Have you tried Fairway market on 74th and Broadway or 125th? They have good produce at good prices. It is the best place to shop for food in Manhattan (in my opinion). I don't eat prawns, but it looks really yummy!


Yum! This looks delicious and that photo is mouthwatering! Good luck with the rest of your cookies!

The Duo Dishes

600 (more) cookies. You are a cookie machine. Carb up to keep your energy high!


This looks really delicious, and since it's almost lunch time here, you're making my mouth water. Good luck on the cookie baking!


I have two butternut squash staring at me wondering if I will cook them before they rot. Your recipe looks great! I have shrimp in my freezer, too. No wonder you didn't make the cafe volcano cookies-You're baking 600 MORE cookies! Wow, you must have a ton of energy. Happy Holidays!


That looks absolutely fantastic!Good luck with your cookies :)

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A delicious combination of rigatoni and butternut squash and prawns! Yum!

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