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November 10, 2009


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Great minds, Teanna, great minds! (I made some sammies out of these, too!) De-lish!


I ate two rows of oreos once. It felt so good while I was eating, but then I felt so sick, it was worse than eating Mcdonalds. What a cool idea to make a spiced cream filling!


There's an award on my blog for you! =)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum... your cookies look beautiful! I need to try those molasses spice cookies very, very soon. I have eaten my fair share of Oreos before, too... mostly in college. :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Scrumptious cookies, sound terrific with spiced cream filling!


I could just about faint...those look SO good!!!!


Mmmm, looks and sounds just fabulous. I just love a creamy cookie filling!


I'm with you on the double-stuff Oreos...the ratio is just off. But your stuffed spice cookies look perfect!


You feel guilty about eating grapes? Oh honey, a girl's got to have SOME guilty pleasures!

While you're on the fruit pass me one of these cookies...


They look like oatmeal pie cookies (used to be my fav 25cent grab at the convenience store)! and that means they look perfect.


I love molasses cookies, and with the filling, these sound incredible!


Fantastic! They look seriously drool-worthy. Thanks for baking with me.


Love those! The filling idea is great! :)


Haha you're funny. I never was a huge fan of the double-stuffed either :) Your cookies look delicious!


Cream cheese would be perfect in these. We loved them even without a filling.

Nicole (dishin')

Oh yum! These look fantastic. Soft and sweet...

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