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November 10, 2009


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jenn (Bread + Butter)

Love it!! For me, I would always scrape off the cream filling and save those for last. east the cookies first, then when I had a spoonfuls worth I'd eat the filling. I was a weird child growing up.


These are beautiful! (And okay, I have to confess, I still eat a Double-Stuf now and then, but not often.)

Nice job on these lovely cookies!


This is absolutely my kind of cookie!
Looks fabulous! :)


Great looking sammys. I made ginger cream to go with mine - whole new world.

Oreos for Halloween and Christmas are just evil. filled with orange and green.....


as someone who's never been a fan of the oreo (except MAYBE the mint version), i'm all over these. what a great and much-improved alternative!


Those cookies screamed to be made into sandwiches! I went with pumpkin buttercream but will try it your way next time.
P.S. No way in hell I'm eating grapes when there are cookies in the house. You are a stronger woman than I.


Mmmm - cream filling......

Too bad I ate the cookies before they had a chance to be filled.


Your filling sounds so good! I would take your cookies over Oreos any day.


I love molasses cookies! And, a cream filling just puts it over the top. I think I would like these even better then oreos! Mmmm..


I thought about making ice cream sandwiches with these, but I'm just going to have to steal your idea and add a cream filling. These look amazing.


Your sandwich cookies look absolutely delicious. I made an ice cream sandwich with mine but the cream filling sounds wonderful.


I made these cookies last week and sadly they're all gone. I wish I had some left so I could fill them with cream or ice cream! Yours look perfect!! I would choose these over Oreos any day :)



Just brilliant.

I'll take your share of the Oreos.


I'd say they have some competition! What a great idea! Love it! And these are much better than store-bought - the cookies by themselves are worth it alone. I'll have to try this variation - nothing like 2 cookies at once (with a little filling)!


These cookies look great and I am really looking forward to making them! And making them into sandwich cookies...and witha spiced filling... now that is genius!


Your cookies look wonderful and I like the cream filling.

Sugar B

Congrats on the move! And yes I agree being healthy totally sucks. I can't eat EVERYTHING I want anymore, it is truly sad.

But I would totally eat all those cookies on that plate! They look awesome!

btw, I am on the fence about Dexter's Season 4. But I am still watching it because I like his character overall. Plot, not so much.

Everyone and their mother is trying to get me to watch Mad Men, so I might have to check that out.


I knew you would step it up a notch! Your filled cookies look delicious! Im making them next time!


Yum! I am glad I shipped mine off before I read your blog, or I might have been in trouble! They look delicious!


Why didn't I fill mine...sob... Now I have to make them again.
Lovley photos! Glad you enjoyed the cookies.

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