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November 24, 2009


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Good luck getting everything done! Your cookies look beautiful.


These are all so wonderful! I just recently was bit by the sugar cookie and royal icing bug. Can't wait to make Christmas and winter versions!


Wow, so awesome! I love my Theory trench coat.

But yeah... that is quite the job to tackle. Best of luck - the German ladies are awesome :)


wow!so beautiful!


Wow, 550 cookies in on day is a lot! You are amazing! They look wonderful :) Good luck with the rest of your catering gigs!


Wowsers - you are amazing Teanna!! 2,200 cookies is INSANE!! I am soooo impressed with you! And they all look incredible, especially the German ladies!! LOL


Those all look fantastic!


Nice! Esp like the big German women! Hope all goes well with the work, reunion, etc. Just made your pumpkin cookies (and posted them) so good!


Oh, jeez!

Great job! Good luck! And I wish you a quiet, peaceful, and happy Thanksgiving!


These are all so beautiful! I can't wait to start Christmas cookies!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Whoa...you've got a whole agenda there. Take it easy once everything dies down. You deserve a break from all the craziness.

Fantastic cookies, though. You've done a wonderful job with them.


I can't even imagine making that many cookies. I got burned out when I made one cookie for each of my 100 students, but that pales in comparison to your 2,200! Crazy, but great job pulling it all off. Now go get some sleep.

chocolate shavings

Those are beautiful, I was just looking for a good sugar cookie recipe!


You are amazing! I'm tired just reading about it... I love the cookies - so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow, you've taken over committing to a whole new level. Your cookies are fabulous! I hope you survive it and get to do some pleasure baking.


Amazing cookies! I love them all. Sounds like you are super busy. Try to enjoy the experience... :)


Amazing....simply amazing cookies.

Congratulations on the amazing gigs and try to keep your head above water! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!


your decorating prowess is most impressive, teanna. i can definitely see a large gal named helga in the form of a gingerbread woman there. the santas are wonderful too. :)


good god! that is a lot of cookies! They came out beautiful though, Hang in there you can do it!


Your cookies are awesome! Just remember how much fun you're having...baking cookies is better than sitting in a cube, right?

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