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November 09, 2009


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Pumpkin pie is possibly my favorite kind of pie, but I've never tried a pumpkin-chocolate pie. I should though, and soon! This looks fantastic.


This pie looks fantastic! I, too, didn't have pumpkin pie until my adult years, probably 5 years ago. It also seemed strange to me, but when my future mother-in-law placed a piece before me, I was kinda sorta forced to try. I don't think I loved my first bite, but now I like a slice around the holidays.


oh gosh, I have always loved pumpkin pie since I was kid! that chocolate pumpkin pie looks to die for especially since I love chocolate.


Wow. This is a very lovely and fantastic looking pumpkin pie. Well done.


This pie looks awesome!!!!! Hope you are enjoying your new apt!! A working fireplace!! I am beyond jealous! Sounds like an NYC gem!


Definitely the best pumpkin pie I've ever seen!


i honestly wouldn't expect chocolate and pumpkin to make a good pairing, and since i don't like pumpkin even one little bit, i doubt i'll ever find out. i have to say, though, that your adornment of this pie is absolutely stunning. :)


Hello, Teanna! Welcome back! All moved in and things settled down?

I'm one of those that is leery of the chocolate pumpkin combo. I guess I need to take your word for it and give it a try.


Crunchies! I haven't had Carvel in years - although we have several here in town.

Chocolate and pumpkin is just a wonderful combination. I'm going to run to the kitchen and make it asap.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Yum! That pie looks gorgeous!

jenn (Bread + Butter)

Ooo, Teanna...that pie looks fantastic. I love the chocolate web on top. I don't think I would have had the patience to do something like that. I had the same thing as you when it came to pumpkins before. But now I love the stuff.


Your pie looks absolutely delicious! I have had some scary Thanksgivings -depending on which relatives were invited :)So the web could work... I love Carvel cakes also! I always requested them for my birthday as a kid.

Experimental Culinary Pursuits

Love the spiderweb pattern! Very intricate...and I don't think it takes someone familiar with the combination of chocolate and pumpkin to imagine that it would be a divine marriage!


Gorgeous pie! I love the pattern on top...I too love chocolate and pumpkin although I just recently discovered this delectable combo! :)


Pumpkin has been a favorite ingredient of mine in a variety of dishes; so happy you tried it (and in such a delicious capacity)!

I'm trying to figure out what kind of pumpkin pie to make this Thanksgiving...you've definitely planted a thought.


What a beautiful pie! great job.


What an amazing looking and sounding pie! It's almost too pretty to eat! Almost... Well, a few years ago, I actually didn't like pumpkin either. But these days I can't get enough pumpkin! :)


Wow! This looks incredible! I think I'd do the design just for the beauty of it!


I love this pie. It's so gorgeous.


Oh wow, this pie is SO cool!! Me and my hubs love the Carvel Ice Cream Cake too :) Those crunchies are seriously good!

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