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October 06, 2009


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Nancy (n.o.e.)

I thought the two levels were schizophrenic but I think your three levels would be perfectly balanced. So glad you made this one and that you loved it so much!! Hang in there - better blogging days are coming.


I am right there with you on this one, loved it! Though you really took it over the top with dulce de leche. Great job.

Desiree Morgan-Castelalr

O my goodness this really sounds like heaven!! Can you say thanksgiving?? yum Ill be waiting for it. And I think it is de leche in Spanish...i love that..congratulations another winner


I know that feel from getting the automated response. It sucks. but this pudding would sure definitely perk up my spirits. It already has just by looking at it.


This is my favorite take on this dessert as this chica luuuuuv dulce "de" leche. Bravo!


Dulce de leche in the middle--wow that does sound incredible! I'm getting ready to start submitting my first stuff to tastespotting, so I'll have to ready myself for the rejection letters..


Just gilding the lily with that dulce de leche, aren't you? ;) As for the automated messages - hells, yes. I totally agree with you. Let me talk to a person any day! I hope you get your camera back soon!

Sugar B

Dude you always crack me up. So this is your best tasting favorite all time dessert ever?! Wow, that is saying a lot.

And your picture looks fine!

I thought the pudding was ok, but I didn't do dulce, so maybe that was the missing piece.

I am still missing Eric Northman. Booooo.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

It must be so hard without your camera. Mine went beserk the other day and I totally panicked but after several resettings it's ok, at least for now.

The pudding with three layers sounds wonderful!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I think the dulce de leche sounds perfect... Great addition! Hope you get your camera back soon! If you were nearby, I'd let you use mine.. Your food is far more photo-worthy than mine!


I hope you and your camera get reunited very, very soon!

The dessert sounds sooo good. I want a bite right now! I'm serious... :)


ROFL on the St.Peter quip. Priceless.
Kudos on the dulce de leche layer that you cleverly slipped in.


You're so funny! I hope the Geek Squad comes through for you soon and gets that camera back in your hands. Sounds like your pudding turned out well. I wasn't so lucky with mine but maybe if I'd added dulce de leche it would have been better :)


Wow, that is some serious dessert lovin'!
Mmm, dulce duh caramel! ;)


I thought Geeks were techy and quick! Of course you come through with shining colors - or layers is it may be. Fantastic!!! Love the dulce de leche!!! That's so you - you'd never know it was a lackluster dish!


Aw, you poor thing. I wouldn't be feeling motivated to blog without my camera, either. Here's hoping for a swift and speedy reunion for the two of you!


my camera and i have a special bond, too, so i can understand your agony. no doubt this gorgeous tiered goo alleviated some of that. :)


wow, love the added dulce de leche layer- pure genius!

steph (whisk/spoon)

"de leche," right? sounds like you made a good thing a hundred times better! sorry to hear about your camera...that's crappy...there's be no understanding on my part either, if it happened to me.


Wow, adding the dulce de leche (I do not care how it's spelled!) to the mix sounds so delicious!

Hang in there. Your camera will be back. Maybe your first catering job will be for the Geek Squad!

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