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October 13, 2009


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Wow, I'm impressed that not only did you write a great blog post from your iPhone but you didn't kill anyone at Best Buy! I'm not sure I'd have been so nice :) Glad you enjoyed the muffins so much! I really hope you get the camera situation settled soon without too much more stress.


So sorry about the camera. I had a terrible time with Best Buy with my D60. It would not focus and being it was a new camera I was not sure if it was me or the camera. Took it back and they did not have another one in stock so I wanted a refund. OH they gave me a refund minus a $120 restocking fee. It was the end of a very long day so I just left. My husband on the other hand was loaded for bear when he heard what happend. They eventually gave us full credit.

Best Buy also delivered a scratched dishwasher and would not pick the darn thing up or refund my money. Another saga for another day!


What a hassle with that camera...this has been going on way too long for you. I saw your photo and the muffins look pretty great to me, topping and everything! Thank you for the lovely words about my family, very sweet of you. Loving the Top Chef you are doing over here, always fun to tune in and see those. Good luck with the camera return, etc.

Heather B

wow...you poor thing! I hope the camera issues get easier for you. At least the muffins were a hit for you! Love your chai spice addition!


You poor thing. There is nothing worse than arguing with customer service. I hope you get your extra $100. Your muffins look yummy.


You did good, girl. The poor little preggers girl didn't go into labor. Good Deal. Muffins sound delish.


I'm so sorry to hear of your camera woes....poor thing....:(


You are dedicated to still post. Muffins look great!


Your escapades make me want to guard my camera in a safe box and never take it out...


Can't believe you wrote all this on your iphone. I'm planning on getting one soon...just waiting to be eligible for an upgrade.

Anyway, that sucks about your camera problems. And that was stupid that Best Buy wouldn't refund you for the insurance at first.


Wow, I can't believe that a $600 camera is so disposable; that it broke and can't be repaired within just a few months of purchasing it, what a bummer. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the muffins, chai spice sounds delicious.


Go girl, you go! That's $100 PLUS the tax that you paid against it! I've got your back Teanna!


I am not worried about you...sounds like you are a master negotiator! You will get your $100 back! Can you renegotiate my lease for me while your at it?? :) I loved these muffins too!


You sound like a great negotiator, so I'm sure you'll get the other $100 back! It sure doesn't make sense that you had insurance and didn't seem to benefit from it though. Geeks.

Sugar B

Awww, very sad about your camera. I bought my Canon Rebel XSI from a good friend .. so far, so good. I love my camera. I would cry if anything bad happened to it.

Just glanced at your muffins, they look great! Not bad from an iPhone, darling!

btw I recorded the past 3 Dexter episodes and I will watch them on Saturday. I love Dexter too. I think Eric Northman has some competition! :)


Oh you poor girl! I hope that everything works out and that you are able to get the full refund back! At least you will hopefully get a better camera out of the deal! Even though it will cost you extra. :(


I work at best buy in the customer service department.They probably thought they should give you a little less because you purchased it 5 months ago. However, you need to tell them that They should give you enough money to purchase a camera of "like technology" (real term) which should be very close to what you payed as well as continue your protection plan, meaning it would be active on the next camera you buy for the rest of the two years you purchased. If you payed 600 for it you need to tell them that you want at least 600. they can do a manufacturers exchange for exactly how much you paid. but no promises as each agent gets to make the call.


Good luck with the rest of your battle! And, the muffins sound great.


Oh, what a hassle! Good luck getting the rest of your $... I loved these muffins too. Chai spices sound like a great addition!


Yummo Teanna, loved your camera shenanigans. Good Luck with your new purchase. Wow the toys are expensive huh? The muffins on the other hand .... not so expensive except if you eat a lot and have to pay at the gym, he he he. Great job.

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