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October 16, 2009


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This looks absolutely delicious! I've never made polenta, but I know that I should!!!!


I've had that happen to me when my attention is slightly off while cooking that I end up adding a little too much of something. lol. Goo thing it was hit and a good thing you posted it. This looks delicious!


Ahh, I remember that dinner with such fondness. And, unlike you, I think I recall that I had a heaping serving of the polenta. Then I asked for seconds. Then I had your banana crisp with cinnamon toast ice cream for dessert. So, adding it all up, it looks like I probably gained somewhere in the range of 20 pounds during that meal. It was well worth it :)


Wow this looks amazing! I almost always have to use a flash - can never seem to finish cooking dinner before dark :) Butter and mascarpone - yum!


Looks incredibly delicious. I love anything with polenta.


Oh my word, that looks soooo good!! I give you huge credit for attempting so many of these Top Chef recipes. I guess I'm just more of a baker than a cook, but they intimidate me with their long ingredient lists.


I love polenta - I just don't usually out that much butter and cheese in it! :)

I would like to have this for dinner tonight. Impressive.


A whole stick of butter is alarming but I am cooking through Julia Child and think I may be adjusting to this butter epidemic. The treadmill be always be my best friend!

Love the looks of this dish...absolutely delicious! Also, thank you for posting the recipe for the Pumpkin Chai bread. I made this put in my blog that I found the recipe here so a HUGE Yay for posting. My family loves it.


This looks absolutely delicious!


that looks simply amazing and extremely flavorsome dish.

Madam Chow

Your grocery bill must be huge, my dear! This looks so tasty!


Oh, I forgot to do the little spammer thing at the bottom, so I'm back. Just wanted to say I loved the idea of all the "fat" yumminess. Even if only a few bites passed your lips. Darn, I hate that. However, there is the whole issue of working it off at the gym, right? So it goes. Looks so delish. Glad you shared it.


Oh! This beef dish looks absolutely fantastic...I am not being bias due to my love for meat...it is just mouth-watering...how could you wait so long to post this? :-)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks fantastic. I think I might have to try the polenta. My husband loves the polenta we had at Legal Seafood in Boston this past weekend!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Fantastic recreation! The one thing that I haven't splurged on yet is a real Kobe. At one point, Wegmans was carrying local American Wagyu fillets which were fantastic but unfortunately they don't now. Their Japanese Wagyu is quite pricey :(

Kobe Beef

Great recipe... Can I post it on my website? You can check it out we sell Kobe Beef and Wagyu Beef and we are looking to put together a compilation of Kobe Beef Recipes.


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I remember that dinner with such fondness. And, unlike you, I think I recall that I had a heaping serving of the polenta

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