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October 07, 2009


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I'm grabbing chai spice at the store today. A first for me! Thanks for posting such a GREAT Fall recipe! Excited to "try the chai"! Looks absolutely delicious!


Mmm..that looks so good. I've always wondered what pumpkin butter tastes like. Thanks for the recipe! Love your recipes and Top Chef posts.


I remember you tweeting about this...I'm just now catching up on blog reading. TG for google reader. This sounds so amazing. Love chai and pumpkin butter sounds yummy.


Mmm love pumpkin and love chai! This sounds awesome.


Yum! This sounds like a delightful combination.

Top Chef was on last week (though I don't think it was new), and thanks to you, I caught it. I read the title for your deconstructed mole post and realized GOOD GRIEF! THERE'S A NEW SEASON OF TOP CHEF! slammed my laptop and stormed off to find out why my Tivo hadn't brought that to my attention. And I discovered there was something called Top Chef Masters, too, which I totally missed. So thanks very much, and sorry I didn't leave a comment on that post but I didn't read it for fear of a spoiler.


Apple-butter is false advertising too.

The Duo Dishes

Mmmm pumpkin butter! Up there with apple and pear butter.


Mmmmmmm. can't wait to try it. I am a new fan am LOVE reading your blog.

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