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October 07, 2009


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LoveFeast Table

This really looks, as my two year old says, dewicious!!


Mmmm...chai bread. Love "piss on me fireworks" ha!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

The bread looks really moist and delicious, and just perfect with pumpkin butter!


Sounds wonderful, and a nice treat on a cool fall day. Yes, even in California! :-)


I saw pumpkin butter all over Vermont the other week. I'd never had it before either but I assumed it's like apple butter (ie. not butter-like at all.)


I would love to have a slice of this right now. pumpkin butter or spread it's still delicious either way!


This has fall written all over it. I love the bread and butter combo so much I am going to have to try this muy pronto!

food librarian

Looks very very very delicious and just screams "fall"!


Glad you liked the chai pumpkin bread idea :) Looks great!


Okay, two loaves you're got more than you can handle so wrap some of that baby up and send it to me! I'll handle the spread, er butter myself!

Btw, I appreciate the compliments but I'm double AA compared to your major league baking and cooking! :)


It looks delicious, and so appropriate for fall. I didn't know you could buy chai spice!


Ooo...I want to try that butter. A warm slice of that bread and a generous spread of the butter. Awesome breakfast or snack right there.


Guys are too funny with accurate descriptions of food. My husband has renamed many dishes. In my house we don't have fra diavolo - it's "spicy seafood pasta" and chicken scarpariello is "Chinese chicken pasta" ( I thicken the sauce with corn starch, hence the Chinese) :) The bread and butter look so good! I will be on vacation a few days next week - so I'll have time to bake. Thanks!


You are so cute....I grew up eating a "slather" called apple butter on my morning toast or biscuits. (for breakfast) You can make it as you made the pumpkin butter, or you can buy it in a jar in the jelly section of the store. You probably already know this. Anyway, yea, its is super yummy on your bread with or without peanut butter. he he Your recipes and pumpkin butter are appreciated. I'm glad to know about them both, cuz I loves pumpkin and well short of the carbs I likes bread too. So, thanks Teanna.


Both look awesome Teanna. I love fruit butters--pumpkin in particular.


mah-velous idea, combining pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter. great treat, captain. :)


There's nothing wrong with being Captain Obvious - I think it should be considered a higher calling. And pumpkin butter is abso-freaking-lutely fantastic stuff. That statement might have turned me into Captain Obvious though.....


I have made pear butter, peach butter, apple butter but never pumpkin butter; and the chai pumpkin bread...absolutely delicious...! My tastebuds want to know what this combination tastes like and I just bought 2 sugar pumpkins.


This looks really good! Anything involving pumpkin is good for me!

Oh and about the Coldstone cupcakes..I did try them and was not impressed either. I will stick to their ice cream!


Hi Teanna! I think that gorgeous, lovely-smelling bread has my name written all over it. Come on, 'fess up, you made that for me! Now, my address is....;-)

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