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September 01, 2009


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Glad you were able to make the cheesecake brownies; but hang in there with everything!! I'm praying all works out.


You are too cute! I love the brownie trio!


YUM YUM YUM!!! You could always give the leftovers to a soup kitchen or a shelter. I've done that before.

(PS....If you are in the market for a stuffed tomato recipe that is more like a salad in a tomato shell for your catering venture, let me know, and I will forward it to you. It was a success for me when I catered a few things.)

Best of luck to you with your "egg"!


Lovely presentation, Teanna! Very delicate and precious looking...

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending you my most positive vibes.


Love it!! Brownies and cheesecake...what could be better. I, too, am sending you good vibes. I'm sure something good will happen.


Congrats on your new "in business" and I know you will be a success at it! You have such passion for it all. Love the little trio of brownies...so cute in little trios like that! Sell them!

food librarian

These look very delicious! And good luck with things. I hope everything works out! Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way!


Another awesome recipe that I cannot wait to check out!!!
That is why I left an award at my site for you....
Thank you for always sharing such incredible recipes.


Ha, on my next visit to NYC I'm gonna email you find out what corner and what baked goodie you'll be peddling!

Btw, congrats on the catering jobs! Lots of luck though I KNOW you'll do a fabulous job!


Good luck with the catering! Yummy minis!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Cheesecake brownies sound wonderful - I love that you made three different delicious flavors! Sounds like you have lots of new things going - good luck with your new business, it sounds exciting! Have fun with your fantasy football draft, we just did ours Sunday!


Your new adventures are SO exciting! Best of luck with the catering business! You'll do a fabulous job! :)

The cheesecake brownies sounds fabulous - how I wish I lived close to you; I would be knocking on your door... ;)


What a great new adventure! I'm so excited for you - if anyone can make a success out of catering, it's you. Look what it did for Martha. :) Congratulations!!! And kudos for trying different toppings - they all look fabulous! Orange seems to die for.... I will try that on my next batch - love the little "bites"!!!

Sugar B

Dude you are hilarious. I will join you in the streets if I get laid off.

Catering business? Hot damn indeed.

Your trio of brownies all look fantastical.

btw did you see the last episode of True Blood? Eric Northman in a suit . . . um, BITE ME, PLEASE.

I realized that Eric is also in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi video and of course I was fantasizing.

My poor hubs.


I wish I met you !!! I'm doing that too ! But usually go to different neighbours !! I cross my fingers for the catering ! You are so good !!!


I truly hope that everything that you are venturing out to do works out for you! I wish you all the best in ALL your endeavours.

Tracy @ Sugarcrafter

I'm so excited for you and the catering business!! Please us updated on all the details. :-)

Also, fantasy football draft? I think I love you. ;-)


i'm all-too-familiar with the woes of running out of people to bestow with baked goods. i've resorted to giving things to my ungrateful co-workers. :) meanwhile, i think catering would be an awesome gig if you can get it, and much more rewarding (monetarily and otherwise) than passing out brownies on the street. :)


You are awesome! Congrats on starting a catering business! That is SOOO exciting! I am really so happy for you. You make and create amazing things and I know you are going to be a HUGE success! These brownies looks amazing!

steph (whisk/spoon)

wow--that is fantastic about the catering stuff! even if it is still an unfertilized egg, i really admire you. i've been working in the food business for about 6 years now, and am, apart from the occasional cake for friends, still not sure how i'd strike out on my own. can't wait to hear what else you have in the works, too! yummy cheesecakes--i know you'll have no probs finding someone to take them off your hands! :)

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