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September 08, 2009


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You totally mastered the art of making souffles, in my opinion - looks INCREDIBLE!!


Your souffles look wonderful! Beautiful shot on the top there. It was rather stressful trying to shoot these... I can actually see my souffle falling as I look through the photos I took.


These look wonderful. They are difficult to photograph but even slightly deflated they still look great.


Yep, taste is what mattered here. I did a succession of photos of how quickly it "fell".
And dang, I just glanced down and saw those dern good lookin' tortillas with mushroom and THAT looks so good!


Your souffles look awesome! I see no sinkage!


They look delicious girl!!!!!


That looks so gorgeous. I have yet to try and make a souffle and I want to really bad. The first time I had a chocolate souffle, I was in dessert heaven. I'm bookmarking this.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Absolutely gorgeous! I have never made a souffle before, but I definitely need to give it a try. Yours looks absolutely amazing!

steph (whisk/spoon)

yikes-- a pullman could inflict some serious bruises! nice souffles, and nice flavor combo!


Congrats on your first souffl├ęs! They're very pretty... whatever you say about them! lol

...and the picture is just fine, very vibrant, light and delicate.

Susan at SGCC

What are you talking about! They look gorgeous! Love those photos! Now, I really wish I had made them. Just couldn't squeeze it in.


I have been such a bad blogging buddy Teanna! I've missed your posts! I'm finally catching up on my commenting now. Your souffles look terrific. Love you photos! It was my first time making souffles this weekend. Who knew it was so easy??


Perfect looking souffle, congrats!


Ooo great idea to bake through the CIA Baking and Pastry Book. I've never checked that book out. Look forward to seeing what you make!


Huh??? These look awesome Teanna - check *mine* out if you want to see a fallen souffle. I LOVE your background and photo style!!! Love it! CIA??? I am going to have to check that out. These little souffles look perfect - truly. I hope you like them too - they're supposed to be light, but I'd like them a little more "pudding-like" - but that's just me. On to Turnovers!

Sugar B

Your first souffle looks awesome!

Mine deflated because I left them out for like 30 minutes . . DUH . . oh well. It still tasted good! :)

I am looking forward to True Blood's finale on Sunday! Woo hoo! ;)


Great looking first souffles! I love chai anything, so these must be super delicious.


They still look really light and airy even if they have already fallen. I love that you added chai spices that is such a great idea, even though I am trying not too think about fall. :) FYI.. I have a new site... ;)


They look absolutely perfect not sunken at all ! You should see my model !!! Chai must be deliciousness !!! I'll give the address so I can risk meeting a baguette or other delight holder !


most impressive souffle debut, teanna! the regular, plain chocolate version sounds pretty good, but your addition of chai spices improves my opinion of it immensely!

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