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September 15, 2009


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Sugar B

You're effing kidding me. Lollipops? That is so over the top COOL. I would have never ever thought of that and yet, I am not surprised that you would.


I was not happy when I saw TB's season finale. All that horrible acting meshed together with tiny snippets of Eric was very disappointing. I guess I have to wait for Dexter now.


Hahaha, these are so cute. So hilarious - in a good way!

I don't understand what a jughandle is...


So Cutie ! Thank you for sharing. Cheers !


These are so cute! What a great idea! I'll definitely save the recipe...

steph (whisk/spoon)

pie pops--so cute!! your trip to clifton sounds exactly like every experience my husband and i have had going to jersey to visit his dad. even with GPS we are hopeless! someone at work told me there's a michels in queens...i'd get lost in queens, too, though, i'm sure!


Sorry you had to go through such an ordeal to make these, but they look like they're worth it to me! So cute! Very nice job.


LOL I knew you had just taken a break of that creativity to enjoy and take advantage of the summer sun! ...But as Fall knocks on your door... you're back with pastry lollipops! I knew it! LOL

Great for you... they're super cute!


Beautiful!! Ah...the jug-handle. Gotta love 'em! Seriously gorgeous job on this one, Teanna. And it sounds like that trip to Micheal's was a complete success.


oh these are so adorable and yummy!

you spoke like a true new yorker, I do not know NJ at all. It would have taken me at least an hour or more to get to where ever I was go to.

That has happened to us when we were driving upstate to Saratoga Springs, ny and we had to drive through NJ to get there. Well let me tell you encountered those stupid jughandles just to go to dunkin donuts for lunch on the way there.


Cute! At least after all that effort trying to get popsicle sticks, the trip was well worth it!


Your turnover lollipops were well worth that 3 hour trip! Gorgeous and a very creative job!!!!


Teanna!! Sounds like an adventure, but next time go to the Cake and Baking Supply Store on 22nd btwn 5th & 6th!! Its my favorite place in the world! The people who work there constantly yell and me and give me dirty looks, but I know its a sign of love! :) The pops look AMAAAAZING!!!


what an ordeal, but what a worthy cause—these little pops o’ lolly are magnificent! of course apple pastries are wonderful in their own right, but piercing ‘em with a stick seems to magically make them even better!


LOL on the NJ trip - jughandles are evil and the essence of stupidity. I used to work in the Meadowlands area, they "claimed" it was just across the bridge from NY. NOT!
The apple turnovers look brilliant, even smarter to make them into lollipos.


Great story, adorable turnovers and delicious too. Beautifully done!


Those are adorable! Driving through Jersey gives me headaches...and I've never even gotten off the highway. Beautifully done though!


I've been living in NJ for 3 years now and I"m still not used to not making a real left hand turn. I hate it. Otherwise, I love Jersey and I love those turnover lollipops!


Oh my goodness you really went to some extra effort on these. Your little pops are darling and Im glad you enjoyed them. I got lazy towards the end and made a giant turnover. Im glad I made this recipe cus it's wonderful!


Great post. Love the lollipops. I think it was worth the trip. The coffee and egg white sandwich sound yummy too.


Seriously Teanna, did you REALLY think you were going to ONLY get those lolipop sticks? I don't even kid myself anymore. :)

Those are adorable and wish I could snatch a few to snack on while I wait for my turn to go to lunch.

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