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September 09, 2009


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Hmmmm - this looks absolutely delicious. So when am I going to be invited over for dinner?


I love reading (any and all of)your thoughts on Top Chef... :)

The dish sounds great; but the blood in the sea salt part is scary...


You never fail to crack me up :) I enjoyed your recaps but I think I'll like reading about your experience making the recipes even more. I'm not going to lie - I don't consider myself a total novice in the kitchen anymore but some of the Top Chef recipes even scare me a bit. Hopefully you'll convince me otherwise. This one seems super easy and it sounds so delicious!


You know, as much as I like you recaps, I think I like this change of pace better. I love reading about

I have yet to try making one of the top chef recipes myself. I think I may be a bit intimidated. I'll eventually get to one. I hope you saved a slice of that pork belly for me. *drool*

btw...those wonton cups I made for my quiche. You can make them in advance. They stay nice and crisp after a while. I tested a small batch out a day before I made the quiche. Just basted then with a little egg or butter to get a nice fried look. and bake until they are golden brown.


YUM! I am addicted to this season! Next time I at the meat counter, I may order a goat leg just to watch their reaction!


Oh I loved reading your recaps! but it's always nice to change it up a bit and keep things fresh :)

now that braised pork belly looks mighty tasty


Hello. Did anyone say Top chef and pork belly? Here I am. To adore the wonders of them both.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Yes, count me in as one of the people who are intimidated by the Top Chef recipes. But you are totally inspiring me with that gorgeous pork belly (I would have been all over that pork fat - how did you manage to restrain yourself from eating it?!) I just printed out some recipes from Top Chef Masters, most of them from Michael Chiarello. And I almost printed out the Oaxacan mole from Rick Bayless until I saw the gazillion ingredients!
p.s. I'm going to Perilla for dinner on Friday, hopefully will get to see Harold!


that looks delicious! can't wait to see your take on the next Top Chef recipe!


What a beautiful dish!!!!!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Wow, just gorgeous, Teanna! The flavors sound fantastic! Great job!


I was drooling when I saw this on Top Chef last week. Although, secretly, I wanted that braised pork BBQ with potato salad to win. But I'd happily eat either one! Personally, I don't think the Top Chef recipes are too scary, but you do have to read into some of them. At times, they're written for a bajillion people, or they're poorly written and you have to decipher. But overall, they're so yummy, they're worth it!


excellent re-creation, teanna! and yes, blood seen anywhere but through a person's skin is scary to me. :)


Another excellent recreation. Can't wait to watch the next episode!

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