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September 21, 2009


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Sugar B

Did someone say cupcakes? ;)


These cupcakes just shout fall. Love them!


sounds heavenly! Love the frosting on top in the photos.

Jen @ MaplenCornbread

Ohhhhhhh Christmas...yes I too love that it is coming soon!!!!
These cupcakes are perfect for Fall! I love that you added orange with the chai and then spiced the buttercream! Im saving this!

carli snyder

Just letting you know that I nominated you for "Best Overall Blog", along with a couple of other categories for the FoodBuzz Blog Awards!

Good luck!

Velveeta Aint Food


Oh wow, you break out the Christmas music early Teanna! I love it too but don't start until Thanksgiving or my family would kill me. Your cupcakes sound delicious!

Dad E O

When the stores have Christmas in July they are already behind Teanna's Christmas spirit. Hope these cupcakes are on my Thanksgiving table


These look amazing!! Can't wait to make them!!!!


These do sound perfect for fall. Great flavors here, and the buttercream looks lovely!


you're funny & the cupcakes don't look bad either!


Look nice and yummy, wanted to try your recipe ond day

Thanks to sharing us a nice recipe

Cibaria Oils

These look fantastic! Can't wait to try!

Simply Life

So creative -I love it!


that song CRACKED me up! hahah! Thank you Jesus, for being born so I can get presents and pies! LOL!

Love the cupcakes...the flavors are really intriguing!


Mmm what adorable little cupcakes. I love Christmas time and am looking forward to it but right now I'm enjoying fall and Halloween coming up!


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Spice Rack

Nice recipe! Perfect for my daughters birthday party or even ordinary hangouts. This cookie really does spices everything. Nice post!

Ajf 6

I like your blog, because we have similar outlook and outlook on life!

Jordan 1

This is an exceptional written article, Thanks for yet a different insightful post, as continually!

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