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September 21, 2009


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We have the same tastes in music (especially Nat)! Just today, I bought my first "Christmas Cookies" magazine on the newstands... "it's the most wonderful time... of the year...!" Wow, I am going to have to make these - I've never baked with chai before - virgin territory! But that little dollop of frosting on the top is so full of class - I love it! It's like a drop of snow.....yikes, did someone say snow??? Beautifully done!


Mmmm...cupcakes. Pass some my way, will ya? I love this time of year partly due to all the holiday goodies that will be made and eaten. hehe...


When I was growing up I used to always start listening to Christmas music during fall too... but then a couple of years ago one of my brothers told me that I ruined Christmas music for him forever because he got so sick of listening to it. So, now I try and wait until as close to the end of November as I possibly can, so that I don't ruin christmas for my husband and son too. :) Although, that doesn't stop me from playing it every once in a blue moon when it feels like a particularly christmassy day. :)


Haha, wow. I'm not a huge Christmas music fan, so my family doesn't allow my mom to play it until December. And she has to stop Jan 1, or else it'd spill over into February! And yes, fall = pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg... my favorite season!


I love all the fall flavors in your cupcakes. And they are so beautiful... I could eat one (or two) right now! :)


Ciao ! I adore chai flavour!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum - the cupcakes look delicious! I love chai. I always have to force myself to hold off on the Christmas music until Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I drive everyone crazy. I love the fall and then I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. The best part of the year is on its way!


Wow, that is some early Christmas listening! When I was young, I worked in a store that played Christmas music day in and day out starting in November. I kind of had my fill, but not of cupcakes. These are tempting. And they look all set up for bowling.


Perfect cupcakes for fall! Love chai.


you just reminded me I need to start digging my christmas albums from the deapths of my closet. oh - and the cupcakes look picture perfect :)

The Duo Dishes

Christmas so soon???? :) Yikes. These would be perfect for Thanksgiving's table. Yum.


Yum chai cupcakes!


christmas music already? say it ain't so!
moving on to happier things (yes, even happier than christmas music)--these cakelets are phenomenal. i love chai spices, and mixing them with citrus is a great idea. nicely done!


We are not particularly high brow around here but I LOVE Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo and have been known to sing his songs around the house all year long....glad you liked it too...hee..hee...


This post cracked me up. And the cupcakes look delicious! I've never made anything with chai spice...but this is the second post that popped up in my reader today that uses it! Maybe I just need to go ahead and try it.:)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Scrumptious cupcakes - perfect fall flavors with all the wonderful aromatic spices!


you get even more major props from me because you quoted south park! I loved that Christmas poo episode.

these yummy Chai cupcakes definitely put me in the mood for fall

rebecca subbiah

wow great cupcakes for this time of yr


I absolutely love chia!! This looks wonderful. I am looking for something to make for my birthday on thursday. This may work. Thanks!!!

Cajun Chef Ryan

My, those little treats look so delightful! Chai spiced too, indeed a lovely dreamy morsel.

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