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September 14, 2009


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I'm not a big fan of olives usually either, but I do love sundried tomatoes!! In any event, that appetizer looks INCREDIBLE!!


Love this appetizer! Perfect for any party!


Those look great! This post comes at a great time, I just received a bunch of fresh basil and have made it my mission to use it all :)


Oh, this looks made for me... I love sundried tomatoes (don't care if they're so 1985 - I like 1985, I was born that year!) and olives are wonderful things. Ever tried putting one on each finger, chasing a sibling around waving them, and then eating them one by one? Heaven, I tell you :)


I absolutely LOATHE olives. I'll see if this one wins me over because it looks tasty.


Lovely. Perfect appetizers yet again. Though, I would snack on these all day. Just to let you know. hehe...

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So beautiful! And they look tasty, too... even though I'm not a big olive fan. I will usually eat them, but don't love them. Perhaps this dish will convince me!


These look delicious! Very nice presentation


cute appetizers, like you I hate olives too but I'm willing to give these a chance!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

These are adorable little squares! I should make this for my daughter & hope she will start liking olives!


lol, I LOVE Friends!
It's sundried tomatoes & goat cheese, sooo 1985, lol. I don't care, I still love them both!
Your app. looks and sounds yummy!


I'm lactose intolerant and I eat lots and lots of cheese.
But I don't have many friends because of it. Not sure why...

You know, it pains me to know we live so far away cause you and I would make theee most awesomely sexy and skilled catering team! Well, at least the skilled part.

luv you like a rock star!

PS- I loathe the olive too! Except in martinis.


I am an olive hater. It's the brine...makes me sick to my stomach to smell it.

These, look beautiful, though, and I'm glad they changed your perception of olives!


Oo those look awesome. I didn't used to like olives but they've definitely grown on me.


They sound wonderful!

Jamie Walker

I'm really hungry right now, its the end of the work day and I realize I shouldn't be looking at all this yummy food. This looks like a fun appetizer, I'll have to try it for my next dinner party.


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