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September 29, 2009


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I'm so sorry about your camera! Don't worry you can't loose us that easily! ;) The tart really does look super delicious and beautifully presented. Hope your camera get's better soon!


Sorry about your camera. My camera is my life, so I understand your dismay at not being able to get it back for two weeks. I do have a decent point and shoot that does back up. BTW, the tart rocks!


I post enough crappy photos on my blog so rest assured you won't lose me as a reader :)


Three times! It is that good. =)
It's one of those desserts that makes you feel like you can make anything. Right? Yours is beautiful - sorry about the camera.


One of my cameras died that way! And the dropping of the iphone thing is totally something I would do. You got some great last photos in though!


Aw sucks about your camera. I highly doubt you'll lose any readers though! Wish I could have a slice of this tart.


Ok, if you think these photos are not that good--you are crazy! As soon as I saw it I was saying wow! These are beautiful photos!!! I had to take mine at night...so mine are dark.

What kind of camera do you use? Hope it gets back to you soon ;)


Oh no! Every time I pick up my camera I fear that this might happen to me. But you'll be back up and running with the fixed camera in no time!

Also, hazelnut and chocolate....mmmm. Amazing.


Sweet story, awwwww, but I am thoroughly amused at the thought of you jamming Rock Band! And this tart? Yeah, definitely candy for grown-ups, which means I'm going to have to make it soon!


Don't worry I won't leave while your camera is being fixed, In fact I'm posting here and not at your latest post because I am transfixed, hypnotized by this delicious tart, eating it up with my eyes. I'm not sure I can move from this page that tart looks so good. I might even still be here drooling when you do get your camera back!

Lori @ RecipeGirl

This is amazing- looks simply droolworthy. I was really happy when my camera broke last summer... gave me the excuse to buy the DSLR that I had been begging my husband for!!


It'll be party time when the "eye of the tiger" returns.... he he. Par-tay!!! We'll be seein some shots of the par-tay!!! Hope the camera returns soon.

The tart on the other hand is super luscious looking! Great that you have made it multiple times. WOW Hows the catering going?
Great job Teanna


The tart looks DE-LISH-US! Yum! I had to buy a new camera this year...I also tend to break things...


Oh no, your poor camera! I feel so badly for you because, seriously, I would have had exactly the same reaction! I'm overly dramatic about everything, but especially things that relate to my blog. You won't lose me, don't worry :) Now I'm going to go downstairs and play some Beatles Rock Band in your honor!

Oh, by the way, your tart looks awesome!


So sorry to hear about your loss ;) (I'm WAY behind on blog reading!) Hope you get your camera back SOON! First this tart--and the photos look de-lish!, now your newest/newer love--the pudding. Sigh!

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