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September 29, 2009


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Sorry about your camera. I know how that feels. My camera is attached to me like no other. I use it for work, too. So I don't know what I would do if something happened to it.

But I can't tell much from the picture as that tart is staring right at me saying "make me now!" Literally just drool on myself from the sight of the tart.


Oh no, sucks about your camera...you still have your point and shoot though don't you...that's all I use.

your tart looks wonderful!


Your tart looks wonderful.

And I hope that your beloved camera is as good as new in no time!

Did you know that "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" were created in the town I work in? It was a VERY big deal here this month!:)


Ciao Tanna !I'm sorry ! But you are not going to loose us ! I love so much your stories I would read them even without pictures !!Baci


Yum! This looks so delicious! Hope your camera is back on its feet soon! ;D


Oh, I am so sorry about your camera, I would flip if I had to send mine for repair. But, you can always use that as an excuse to bake that delicious tart again, to drown your sorrows in. ;) I love the idea of praline, genius!


your name is a lot like mine - i'm TIANNE :)
Anyways, you rphotos look great and your tart looks divine!


Sorry to hear about your camera, I hope it feels better soon:) LOVE the tart! It is so glamorous!


I really liked this recipe, too, and really wanted to do hazelnuts, but they were just a bit too expensive here.
There are so many variations that could be made, too, for example, with nutella instead of caramel.

The Duo Dishes

Wow. That is decadence in the best way. Too much good stuff!


Not a bad pic from where I am sitting. Looks soooo yummy. Love the edge of candied pralines. Makes it extra special delicious.

Hope your camera is better soon. Does Hallmark make a card for that??


Your tart looks incredible! I'm sure you'll find a work around while your camera is repaired. Does shattered iPhone mean that its camera isn't working either?


Your tart looks so beautiful and delicious. Way to rock out your sadness!


You will be adored no matter with or without pictures...and your tart looks delicious and perfect! You are so funny and please, by all means, stay in touch with your emotions or you just may become grown up...which would be terrible and not as much FUN!


The candied pralines on top are a great idea! Sorry about your camera, but it will be nice and clean and ready for action when you get it back!


Hope you get your camera back soon....we will read your blog even if the pictures are crayon drawings!


ohhh that sucks! I'm sorry to hear about your camera! I know how you feel, my camera is the heart and soul Simply Scrumptious. At least you have an awesome chocolate praline tart to cheer you up! :)


Sorry to hear about the camera, but those pictures are great!! Your tart looks amazing. And I'm loving the praline around the top. You amaze me!


I'm so sorry about your camera! Not to worry, I am sure that you would not lose readers - you have more than great pictures - like great recipes, and hysterical stories!


Oh NO! Korean Skirt Steak with grilled scallions sounds AWESOMe...but too bad no pics! I feel for you...I don't know what I would do without my trusty camera...

But your tart looks PERFECT! I hope it cheered you up just looking at it!

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