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September 02, 2009


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Very interesting dish! Nice work!


How cool!! I really want to try the vegan tofu ceviche, but looking at the recipe scared me. Great job on making this dish!


Very colorful!!!!


I had to do a quick double take on the title for a moment just to make sure I read the title right. That's so cool!!! I love both guacamole and meringues. you did a great job recreating this. Yum!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow - I love guacamole... This looks very intriguing to me! Great job on this one!

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

I have to say, I was totally NOT sold on this dish from the description and from watching the episode. It's weird! It's wrong! But since a "real person" (you) also liked it, well, maybe the judges aren't so crazy. And that Todd English? Dreamy!


very creative! I can see why it may seem like it is not very tasty but I always say let the dish do the talking or should I say tasting?? hehe


of all the gazillion dishes created on top chef, I think this is the one i’d most like to eat. perhaps i’ll attempt it myself, as anything involving avocado seems to be worthwhile to me. incidentally, i don’t believe the brothers are twins—i think the one who created these little puffs of heaven is a couple of years older.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Oh, wow, great job! The meringue looks gorgeous! I'm so glad you made these, how neat!


You are such a talent sweetie!!! When are you gonna try out for Top Chef?


Ooo impressive! I thought this dish was brilliant. Would love to try it! I'm really glad the blonde lady with the underseasoned dishes is gone.

steph (whisk/spoon)

that's so cool that you made this! looked like a really interesting dish.


Wow, what an interesting dish! It looks amazing! Fabio was my favorite - I wish he'd have made it to the final last year. This season of Top Chef is ok so far but no one I really love yet!


Hilarious Teanna, Thanks for the added commentary and the recipe. Sounds so delish.


That Fabio! And, this dish looks great! The corn puree sounds delicious.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Teanna, you continue to amaze me week after week with these Top Chef recipes! The guac-filled meringue looks so yummy. You really make it look so easy!
Todd English was on the same plane as me on the way to Hong Kong last year (and yes, he looks every bit like a movie star!) And I can't tell the brothers apart either - I keep asking hubby which one is the older or younger one!


Where do I find the Fabio video? I love your blog! Just discovered it and bookmarked it.


It's not a quick dish to make if you choose to make the meringues while it's raining, as I did. 4 hours in the oven and they were still gooey. The corn puree made a nice sauce with some leftover pork tenderloin though, and I never did make the guac because of the meringue disaster. I'll try again when we have consistently dry weather (unfortunately, in Baltimore that's rare).

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