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August 25, 2009


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SO FUNNY! People are always taken back when I tell them I have a site dedicated to the food it make! Glad you got some pictures :)


Good for you. Stand up for your food. It's your art! :)

Wow... now THAT'S what a cream pie should look like - it's perfect! And the cream - nice and firm... unlike mine. :)
I'm sure everyone loved it - even the CFO! Perfect - as usual!


A deicious looking pie! I could eat a slice right now...




Well, the light was pretty nice in the office! LOL

Beautifully done Teanna!

Tangled Noodle

Great save! A single tear wouldn't have been enough for - I'd be bawling and cursing the heavens for being so cruel to little ol' me. It looks delicious and seeing how it's nearly all gone by the time you got these pics, your co-workers are going to MIIIIISSSSSS you!

But go ahead and shout it from the rooftops - I AM A FOOD BLOGGER! WATCH ME COOK (and take pictures and type away feverishly)!


Haha- so true. At my picnic this past weekend, I was all "Nobody touch that food! I need photos!" I've never photographed at work, though.

Good for you for saving your pie (which looks delicious, by the way). I probably would have gone ahead and cried.


Loved the reference to Bridget Jones...very funny!

Your pie looks awesome!!!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

It looks amazing!! Love the Bridget Jones moment - it happens to me all the time!



The pie looks great. Love the picture of the burnt meringue. Doesn't everyone take pictures of their food? Great post.


yummm!! m already craving!! vat a perfect dessert!! yumm!!


hahaha...I often find myself in a very awkward position with the whole camera thing too...


Great photo of the trashed top layer of crisped meringue. You'd never know the first round didn't work out. Smart thinking!


I love your candid reply! Very Bridget Jones, indeed :P

And thanks for letting us all know that you don't exactly need the 2 1/2 sticks of butter here. I've always drooled over the lime meringue, but steered away from Dorie's because of the amount of butter! Now I NEED to give this a go :)


Funny post! Your tart looks perfect!


LOL, well the photos look great so it was worth looking like a crazy person in your office!


Nice! And sometimes getting busted can be good for you...And Bridget Jones is a bad ass.

I almost did hte same thing, too, with the broiler. I was just so freaked out about the thing that I caught it in time...


What a great story! SO glad you were able to salvage your pie. It looks de-lish! A food bloggers got to do what a food bloggers got to do!


I'm the same way! For some reason I haven't told that many IRL friends/family about my blog(s) either. It just never comes up. *shrugs* I totally agree about the ginger. I might have punch it up more next time. Maybe I should reduce the butter too. Makes it a little healthier right? That's my story!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


I'm sorry but you made me smile !!! Like all the stories it has a tragic middle part (I'm sorry about the burned meringue) but ends up well ! Bravissima !!!


I can just see you in there, taking pictures and your boss walking in LOL! I don't really tell people about my blog either, kinda weird huh? So glad this pie worked out for you, it's beautiful, even if you did have to do the meringue twice!

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