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August 04, 2009


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Sugar B

That rum icing is screaming my name. I would pay for a slice, too. ;)


Your cake is gorgeous! The icing running down the side is mouth watering! Glad your coworkers enjoyed it so much! Good luck with the move :)


Oh yes, a boozey icing sounds fantastic with this cake...dark rum and bananas...love it!

Good luck with your move to NY


HOLLA!!!! Teanna! Thanks for the love! You rock.........seriously if you ever come down to FL you need to a give me a shout. You are more than welcome at my house. Speaking of house which leads to move...good luck with yours.

That was a brillant move on your part adding the rum! To be honest you did a better job on your icing than I did on mine.

Thanks, again!

The Duo Dishes

90% humidity. Yikes! We've definitely had a melty cake in transport here. Not fun. :) Good luck with the move!


Wowzaz! That icing!

I actually was nearly doing backflips over this cake when I made it a couple of months back. I loved it!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Wow, that hot buttered rum glaze sound incredible! I would so love that cake right now!


The glaze looks beautiful! Moving back to NY must be so exciting.


Wow, that glaze sounds delicious!
Wonderful picture!
Best of luck with your move to NYC.


four people, 1 cake? that sounds sickeningly good! must have been the lava like buttered rum glaze! tremendous.. yum.


That is some GREAT "drizzling" on the cake! Have a great move back to NYC. My husband is there right now and I'm a little jealous!
I'm out of town, so my previously made banana cake will be posted with next week's pick.


Going to have to try your icing instead of the one that dorie suggested (i did lemon). Looks delish!


Hot... Buttered... Rum... Icing... WOW!!
Looks amazing!!!


You certainly know how to take a recipe over the top! I think I would even eat a piece with that icing on it and I don't really like banana flavor IN things. Very pretty cake! Best wishes on your move!

steph (whisk/spoon)

hot buttered rum icing-- you get a CHALLAHHHHH for that for sure! hope the move goes well...i keep my eyes out for you on the streets of ny!


I just want to eat that glaze with a spoon. Looks gorgeous!


home is calling girl! welcome back to NYC :)

That bundt cake looks oh so yummy, I want a piece right now.

I so agree with you on carrying baked goods on the subway or leaving it in the car in 90 degree weather. That's a big no no, I learned my lesson the hard way by leaving a couple of cupcakes i made in a car and the frosting melted. OOPS at least the cupcakes were still edible!


Hot buttered rum is all I need to know. I have to make this cake!


Girl you out did yourself again. That topping is drop dead gorgeous!. Im glad this recipe was a hit for you. I loved it and can't wait to try it again!


Good luck with the move! Your cake looks great and the icing sounds killer.

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