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August 04, 2009


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I gotta try me that glaze. It sounds so tempting right now!

btw...got any more? I'd love to have nice big slice of that. ;-)


Wow, that glaze sounds wonderful! Aren't you glad you took pics *before* transporting? I've done the reverse, and let me tell you - no good can come of it.


Holy Toledo! Or DC! That looks marvelous - and I'm sure the "after" was just as good. I love using liquor in baking as well - a little cognac? Sure, why not! Love the thick, rich icing technique - quite classic (and I'll have to grab that recipe and use it on something that needs a little kick)!


Your cake looks amazing; and the frosting is incredible.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

CHALLAH!!!! Good luck with your move to NYC, I'll meet you at the nearest Wegman's when you are all settled in :)
That photo of the bundt cake is awesome - you've mastered the art of the perfect drizzle (the more icing the better)


That is one tasting looking photo of the cake. And I'm guessing your co-workers liked it, since they finished it all so quickly!

Good luck with the move!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks delicious! I'm not a big banana fan (although hubby is), but I will definitely be making that icing for something... just need to decide what.

Best of luck with your move to NYC. I adore New York... need to plan another weekend in the city again soon.


Mmm that frosting looks delicious. Good luck with your move back to NYC - hope everything goes smoothly! :-)


Yum..I must make this bundt thing again so I can try your frosting recipe. Great post.


okay, so banana bundt cake is good, that's a given. however, by topping it with that stellar sauce, you've clearly made something far superior. bravo.


Oh my, that glaze looks SO good. Interesting that you mention the heat messes up the glaze. Because Dorie's lemon glaze firmed up so well, I just assumed this was one of those "wrap me up and take me anywhere" potluck dishes. Maybe not!?


Hot Buttered Rum icing.

Oh. my. goodness!

I did something similar, only it was a glaze.

Dawn (foodnfit)


Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oh my gosh...gorgeous!! You should make it again, then sell it to your co-worker who wanted to pay you for it!! Make a little cash to buy you some new furniture! ;-)



wow that icing looks amazing! good luck on the trip back to NY


Awesome that you are moving back to the best city in the world!! Go NYC!! :) Your cake looks fabulous and that glaze looks ridiculously amazing!!


Oh snap, girl. This looks awesome. NICE JOB!


that is the best icing/glaze i have seen all day. i want to use it on everything.


The bad girl in me just wants to run my finger around the edge of that plate through all the icing. Looks so good!



Your posts always crack me up. I love your sense of humor!

Your cake looks delicious...and at least you can FIND your aluminum foil...this close to a move and I'd have packed the aluminum foil and wrapped the cake in bubble wrap...teehee.

Have a great move!!!!

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