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August 18, 2009


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Are you kidding? That could be a scene in my house. Like today.


haha.. that was so funny! we always have those kind of family discussions. sometimes they can really hectic when more people join in. I think you did a great job with the photos! I totally agree with you about the glaze and the texture of the cake... I love saving calories too.


That's funny--my glaze set a little too fast and turned into more of a crumble. Either way, I agree these were awesome!

And who's cooking that chicken again?


Haha! Don't you love how a family is just build in entertainment!! The bars look great -- I thought they were amazing as well! PS - I used the Carmelized White Chocolate Sauce as my glaze!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

LOL! I'm totally fluent in the lawnguyland accent as my hubby is from West Babylon. And the applesauce spice bars, fuggedaboudit! (your photo looks awesome btw)


Love the conversation between your father and grandmother. My dad's family comes from NYC and they had the same round and round, yelling-over-the-shoulder discussions about who's buying what at the market, and what are we doing with the leftover chicken, and get some more of those bananas because they're on sale this week.... Hilarious.


You always have great blogs. I love your writing. I especially love this post. It is like getting a little "Behind the Scenes" glimpse into your life. Great story. Can hardly wait to hear about the 5-course dinner!


LOL, too funny your Dad and grandma!

Can't wait to see (& read about) what you cooked up for a FIVE course meal! WOW, Teanna!


Your bars looks great!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

The applesauce spice bars sound absolutely delicious... I am ready to embrace the fall, so these sound perfect right now!

Also, absolutely loved the chicken/milk story... sounds like my family, although they are not the least bit Italian. :)


These look great. Loved the post.

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Haha!! Sounds like a fun family! Your bars look fantastic - I loved them too! I was a huge fan of the glaze, though...mmm!


I could just that scene happening. LOL. That made my day. Awesome bars!


They looks delicious! Great Job!

Sugar B

Dude, did you the last episode of True Blood? Umm, hello Eric. You don't need Sookie, you need me. I can bake a mean cupcake. He is soooooooooooo hot.

ANYWAY, where was I? Oh yes, your applesauce spice bars are INSANE. Like INSANELY GOOD.

That is so awesome that you made a 5 course meal . . . I would marry you if I wasn't married.


I loved the story...

The bars sound sooo good. Looking at them and reading the recipe made me realize how much I've been missing apple desserts...


Mmm... I could do with one of these slices right now. They look delicious! Fall is almost here *sob* so I will probably try this soon. I hope you are able to get settled in quickly!


Love it! The conversation and the bars, yum!


Go get a Levain cookie for me.
Yum to your bars. Love the photo.
Love your re-enactment story even more! huh?
I said I loved your story.


I hope the chicken came out as good as the bars. (Which look delicious, btw.)

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