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August 20, 2009


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Your dog has good (and expensive) taste! Sounds like one amazing meal


Those sound awesome!! No wonder Remy enjoyed the rest of them!! She's so pretty!!


This looks delicious! I have to try it.


Sounds like you did an amazing job! The beef tenderloin looks great! I would be so upset if my dog ate my hard work but you seem to have a great attitude!


Everything sounds amazing; I'm impressed!!


Blue Cheese makes everything better.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Haha, Remy looks so innocent and adorable in that photo! I had no idea dogs liked blue cheese! And catering that dinner party was some massive undertaking - all the dishes sounded awesome :)


Awesome recipe! I love how they look... Thanks for sharing.

And what a wonderful dinner menu!


great dinner menu, Jack's family is lucky to have eaten such a delicious meal!

I loved that you quoted Borat, which means you automatically get major kudos :)


I was reminded of the Thanksgiving episode of "Mad About You" when Murray eats the turkey.

How funny that Remy ate what was left! She knows good meat when she sees it!!!

And that tenderloin looks absolutely amazing!!!


Aww how fun! And these look absolutely amazing!


That looks delicious, nice that Remy enjoyed it! Adorable picture of her.


These look amazing! I can definitely see why Remy couldn't resist :)


Wow Teanna! That is so awesome that you got to cater their party! It sounds like you had quite the spread too! Those beef tenderloin truly do look delicious!


Oh, shoot! Did she have any evidence on her? Perhaps a smear of blue cheesed spread? LOL.

Your menu sounds lovely! You really are impressive with your culinary skills. I don't want to ever hear you say otherwise.


This sounds delicious! I can see why your dog wanted some!


Love blue cheese! Heard lots of raves about steak and blue cheese combo but have never tried it before. This sounds wonderful!


Remy is TOO cute. I don't blame her, I don't even eat beef, but I know a good meal (steal for her!) when I hear about it. ;)


m loving every bit of this dinner :) great post!!


What a beautiful meal, T. Thanks for sharing it with us. Definitely gonna give the BT app a try. Our dog stays outside, so barring a break-in, there should be no worries there!

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