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August 31, 2009


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I'm definitely not an Oprah girl either, but I can't deny that the salad sounds pretty good.

Tracy @ Sugarcrafter

Haha yes, it would be nice to have bajillions of dollars like her. ;-) The salad looks great!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Sounds like a tasty salad, regardless of where it came from! I keep trying to convince my hubby that being his personal chef should be my full time job... He hasn't quite gotten on board with that idea yet. Some day!


This does look good. Sometimes the best recipes come from the most unlikely sources. I have a great penne vodka recipe from Weight Watchers.


This salad looks like a winner!

The Duo Dishes

Sounds really fresh and summery. Yum.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

The salad looks excellent! You never know where you'll find a good recipe!


I've always thought Ricotta Salata would make a great name for an Italian cartoon character. I'm not sure why.

Your salad looks lovely!


The salad sounds great. I can totally understand the chef crying out of gratitude. It is a pretty cushy job being a personal chef vs. a restaurant chef.


Lovely salad. I wish I had this today. The weather here is just so hot, but the wildfires aren't helping conditions at all. I need something refreshing like this.


oh, oprah. you’re sassy and you make a mean salad, and that’s about the extent of my knowledge of you. regardless of the source, i’m in love with this salad for one simple reason—it contains avocado. :)


It's pretty interesting how you got the recipe... ;) But it sounds great! And the photo is beautiful! :)


Ciao ! This salad sound so delicious !!


Mmm this looks good - juicy, crunchy, cheesy yum!

Becky O.

this looks so delicious and refreshing. i love pumpkin seeds and i bet they add a great crunch. :) plus how can anyone resist ricotta!


Oh God. I think I'm in the minivan majority. Now I'm going to be depressed all day - thanks Teanna. I guess to make myself feel better I'll just retreat to my kitchen sanctuary and make myself this delicious salad!


This salad looks terrific, like the addition of pepitas and orange...yummie!


Hmm, yes, my personal chef has the same name (me). This does look like a great salad. The avocado and orange is a nice match.


This salad looks so delicious and refreshing!


Okay, so Oprah recipe or not, this is my kind of salad. Looks absolutely delish.

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