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August 03, 2009


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WHAT?!?!? That is so expensive. . . I just don't know who would ever spend that kind of money on a dessert!


That site is such a cool idea, however, I also cannot purchase for that price. I hope there are a few people out there that can support them.


Oh my gosh! Ain't NO ice cream worth that! Not when you can whip up something pretty darn close at home. So when are you making and posting yours? Cinnamon roll, sweet cream, caramel, right?!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

I think custom ice cream is a fabulous idea but I'm not one of those lucky people who can afford it (champagne wishes and caviar dreams, anyone?!) Kinda like those customized M&Ms - you go through picking your colors, phrases, and packaging only to find out it costs $30 for one little bag.


Whoa...it's a neat concept, but for now I'll stick with the hagen daas.


yes, i played around on that site for awhile myself before my mind was blown by the prices. how are they doing any business whatsoever? i know not.


Wow...that is quite out of my price range. I'll have to stick with my ice cream maker as well!

The Duo Dishes

Yikes! We are in a recession. That's toooo much. But the flavors sound good!


Oh yeah, you can definitely make that flavor yourself. That's crazy pricing there.


WHAT! THat is just absurd.


Oh wow...that's CRAZY! But I'll bad die-hard ice-cream fans will disagree.


OMG that is ridiculous! (Though prob. delicious too!) Good luck with the upcoming move--so exciting!

Trent @ SmartShopIt

I'm an ice cream lover and thought there was not price I wouldn't pay for a good scoop. But this is stretching it. Sorry for the plug but you can find a coupon for Haagen Dazs on our site www.SmartShopit.com. (Go to our site, not our blog).


That is a great idea - but I'm wondering if they really thought through that business model. You can make your own at home (with flecks of gold, probably) for so much cheaper!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

It's a great concept, but wow, that's definitely too much to pay for ice cream. I think the ice cream maker machine costs less :)

Tony Vitale

I think you're all kinda missing the point... 1) food costs so little in the US precisely b/c it's been "industrialized" -- ice cream is a perfect example, 2) they say they pay a living wage to employees (including health insurance!) and a fair price to all of their local suppliers (dairy farmer, herb/vegetable grower, etc.), 3) Americans eat really large portions of "fake food" in lieu of savoring small portions of decadent, natural "real food", and 4) ain't nobody pretending it's cheap (it sure as hell ain't inexpensive).

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Next time I'll put on some lederhose and sing "Adelvice". That should shatter the Captain Von Trapp illusions most thoroughly..

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