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August 07, 2009


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I have never had buffalo. Looks like you did a great job. I'd be perplexed if tried cooking with such meat. I tend to tick with the usual suspects

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Was the cooked leftover buffalo meat more tender the next day? We cook buffalo all the time and it does take a little while to get used to. Lower heat and less cooking time usually works, and we find it quite tender. BUT, I found that the quality of buffalo meat depends on which farm it comes from (how it's raised,what it's fed, etc.). We used to get buffalo from a local Virginia farm and it was the best ever, but then they went out of business. We then tried a different farm, and really didn't like their buffalo meat at all (it was not as tender and it had an after taste). We now get it at Wegmans - the ground meat is always good and the sirloin is ok most of the time (occasionally we would get a steak that's a bit too chewy or fatty, but that's the way it goes with sirloin, I suppose). Unfortunately, Wegmans cannot get fillets. Hope this info helps a bit.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Goodbye Dupont circle, hello Union Square greenmarket! I've only ever had buffalo in a burger. It tasted just like beef but was supposed to be much leaner which probably explains the chewiness. But your marinade sounds really tasty!


What will you do with the beets and blossoms? :) Hope we get to hear about it!


what perplexes me, teanna, is that a seemingly adventurous gal like you hadn’t tried buffalo before! now that you have, I might suggest shredding it up, applying some sort of sweet and smoky sauce, and feasting on buffalo barbecue. it’s great in chili too.


The sauce sounds great. I prefer using ground Bison for the lean factor, but haven't tried the tenderloin. Very interesting that it changed texture the next day. Perplexing, indeed, ha. Good luck with the move!

The Duo Dishes

The marinade sounds good. Too bad it required too much jaw action the first time. Curious to see how it works next time you try.


At least it softened up on the second day! It looks really nice and juicy. I've never tried buffalo before.. I don't think I've seen it sold actually. It does look really interesting!


Google is my thinking cap too! I have never had Buffalo tenderloin, but this looks fab!


Buffalo is fantastic! I love is slightly gamier flavor and lower fat content. Your marinade sounds great also.


Mmmmm. This looks wonderful. I can't think if I've had buffalo, but I've eaten quite a lot of bison. I love a good bison burger!


yeah, i just picked up some ground buffalo meat from Dupont market last weekend, but haven't made it yet. I figured I would start with something easy like a burger for my first time cooking with it.

Jackie at PhamFatale.com

oh wow the meat is grilled to perfection. I've never tasted buffalo but this sure looks delicious. Nice bright flavors with horseradish!


Yum! We've never grilled our own buffalo. And thanks for the blanc manger link - it does look really delicious! I'd say it's definitely worth a try!


That looks delish! Will have to try it!


I am jealous you have access to zucchini blossoms AND buffalo...

It's nice it turned out well later.

MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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