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July 21, 2009


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Blanc-manger is in fact very close to being panna cotta... made the same way, really. In my family though, blanc-manger has been made way longer than panna cotta; our great-grand-mothers used to make it. But of course... you have Italian roots. No wonder.

Yours are very delicate and well presented... brava!


Haha, I agree that it is not Christmas until National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has been watched. ;-)

Beautiful Blanc Manger, and I love the presentation!


These look gorgeous. I really like the fig one. So pretty. Your posts crack me up. Good luck with the birthday dinner.


So true: it's not Christmas without that fabulous movie. I love that Aunt Bethany wrapped her cat.

I almost used blueberries for mine, and using fig is pure genius!


Your two versions look incredible, especially the fig version! And I love the graham cracker sable base. What a great idea! Happy Bday to Jack!!! :)


clearly both versions are delectable and elegant, but i might be partial to the blueberry tower. very, very nicely done, and hooray for national lampoon. :)


Lovely photos! Now I'm craving fresh figs. My blanc-manger turned into ice cream, a dessert I always look forward to.

Stacey Snacks

Are those my favorite fresh figs I see?

I have been having a problem leaving comments on your posts, wondering why.


Both look gorgeous- love the figs especially! Wishing I had found time to make this one. boo.


Your blanc-manger versions look very elegant and tasty. We just have fresh raspberries here, my blueberries have ways to go.

Great pictures

Ulrike @ K├╝chenlatein


Yours came out perfect!

Sugar B

Wow, you made it. Congrats! I cheated and made strawberry Jello instead. I know it's not the same but since you made two . . can I take credit for one then? ;)

They look fantastic!


I love that movie. This dish looks perfect. A great way to celebrate Jack's bday.

Happy birthday to Jack!

The Duo Dishes

Mmmm blueberry version. Mmm mmm yum.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites... and that's definitely one of the highlights of the movie! Your Blanc Manger looks beautiful... nothing like the dessert in the movie!


Looks wonderful! I made mine with figs too and loved them in this! (although I used pistachios which probably wouldn't have helped with the green jello mold fright...)


It looks wonderful! I haven't had panna cotta in a long time - I didn't like it in the past but I wonder if I would now.


Figs! I love figs and I bet they were sooo good with the blanc manger. The addition of a graham cracker base is perfect.

Madam Chow

Glad you liked it, and you like panna cotta now, too! I loved this dessert, although yours is a lot prettier!


Oh my! Yours look so elegant! You've really kicked it up a notch.

I liked it too.

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