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July 14, 2009


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I love pluots and apriums. YUM YUM. Your tart is beautiful.


Isn't the colour in that fruit beautiful! You've made a peasant breakfast look delicate and sublime. Well done!

The Duo Dishes

There's always something delicious here. Honestly, we could eat the brioche all by itself. It looks perfect!


Your tart looks delightful Teanna - and even better for being shaped free-hand. I have never heard of pluots before - I learn new stuff every day from blogging. The rosewater syrup sounds delicious!


Your tart is gorgeous!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Yum! I don't know anyone in their right mind that would not want to devour this. The scalloping of the plum arrangement looks perfect too! :)


Gorgeous....I love the free form one even better than the one in the tart pan....I think I am just going to use the word Pluot as many times as I can because it is so fun to say...pluot, pluot,pluot....


You learn something new everyday, i've never heard of pluots before. I didn't know about the other designer fruits either. This looks fantastic, you always make a spectacular looking dessert! I love how it looks. I may have to try free form next time :)


Well as usual your creation is stunning :) Sorry you weren't overly crazy about it, maybe try a different fruit next time. The jam makes a big difference too, I loved mine!


haha.. i thought the same thing about pluots when I first heard of them last summer. I love the arrangement of your fruit!


Why not just use Wonder Bread and canned fruit? Your biggest problem is you don't follow the recipe, you're not even close. It's those high-brow "chef-this" and "top-that" shows you watch. It's a simple brioche tart, it's not meant to be pulled, pricked and jamless! You're such a renegade in the kitchen - I love that! It looks tres-superb!!!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Beautiful tart Teanna, gorgeous pics too! (live long and prosper)


Wow, designer fruit? I am so not with the times! I've never seen pluots in stores around me but they sound good. Your tart is gorgeous!


This might be the prettiest tart I've seen! The pluots are just so vibrant looking! I love how you free-formed this too. Beautiful!


It looks pretty with the pluots. Pluot doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it?


Love the free form. The tart looks great. Too bad you don't care for plums. Will you try apples next?? And pecans??


Just ignore that. That's not an apple, that is a beautiful plum...



I love how the fruit was sliced and placed! Your brioche looks gorgeous. And hey I wouldn't be opposed to trying a combo of 2 of my favourite fruits - plums and nectarines.


Have you considered a career in screenwriting? If not, get busy! :)


The color is pretty amazing, even if you don't like the cooked plums, at least they are nice to look at

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