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July 14, 2009


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Great summer dessert. We have a plum tree so I know what I will be making:)


Very sweet looking tart! I made mine late last night and kept my hubby up to all hours...man the steps were forever long, but well worth it! I used blueberries!


Your tart looks gorgeous!


The pluots are so lovely. Your tart is a work of art!


Your tart is lovely!

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

It's gorgeous, T! :)


WOW! A colourful rustic "assemblage" of flower petals... or that's what it looks like: pretty and delicate even in all its rusticuty! Well done, Brava!


Beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful. I'm sure my husband would go see that movie.


I love the way you sliced the pluots! I love the freeform brioche!


OMG yum!! Your pluot brioche tart looks gorgeous! I love your pics! I didn't get a chance to make this tart this week, and I applaud you for waking up at 5am to finish yours!! GREAT JOB!




I'm laughing so hard, I keep having to correct my typos. You crack me up. PLUOTS? That sounds like someone/something that would befriend Marvin the Martian...and you're right, someone needs to get George Lucas on the phone!!!!

Your tart is beautiful!

Sugar B

Pluots? Love it, too. :)

I am not a plum freak either, so next time, I am going to try peaches or pears.

Yours look AWESOME though. I am still digging your new camera. I need to get one this summer.



Beautiful tart - it looks delicious, and I bet it was!


I love it! Another dawn baker! Using pluots is a great idea, and as a Californian, I appreciate any contribution you can make to our great state getting out of the hole it has dug for itself. So buy more freakish designer fruit, and we'll all be better off.


Dang girl. I think you're getting to fancy for me to keep up with you. (wink, wink) We need to seriously have a play/cook/bake date and talk about how kicka** your photography is these days. I'm serious!


I feel totally better about myself, I only had to get up at 6 am to make mine!

A peacotum doesn't sound half bad!


It's a lovely looking tart. I've wanted to try banding brioche before. I used to eat it everyday.


absolutely gorgeous! congrats on your first brioche!


Your are way too sweet.

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