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July 02, 2009


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Maybe you could cook dates in a simple syrup then reduce and puree some of the fruit with the syrup? That is a very good question but back to the fish. It looks and sounds like a welcome change from the marathon of salmon we have been eating.


Ten Minutes...this would be one to keep in the arsenal for 10 minutes! Great shot of your dish...looks really wonderful. These posts are so much fun!


That dish looks so fantastic!! Plus, you can't beat 10 minutes!

Tangled Noodle

Not only am I also out of shisho sprigs but I only have red miso paste. Hmmpph! Hope it still works. How did you get that fish so beautifully browned? No matter what I do, mine always seems to stick or come out look anemic. Hmmmpphh! [BTW, those are my grumpy old lady sounds, thanks to your tweet about that kid who didn't know what a Walkman was!]


You just keep rockin' it out Top Chef style!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Look at that gorgeous fish! The glaze sounds fabulous! Good luck next week - I'm looking forward to seeing the pork sandwich!


Mmmm...this looks fantastic. I'm liking the glaze a lot. That looks pan-fried to perfection. Can I move in with you and Jack? I don't take a lot of room. ;-)

The Duo Dishes

Mirin & miso on black cod is also amazing. It's like eating sweet pieces of buttery fishy goodness. Do try!


Do you have the Top Chef cookbook or use the ones on the site? I have found the on site recipes to be really off in measurements, etc and was wondering if the cookbook did any better?


The fish looks delicious! This definitely wouldn't be a simple dish for me. Every time I cook fish, it breaks down because I'm not gentle enough with it.

Cookin' Canuck

Your photo is gorgeous and is causing me to salivate. This fish sounds so moist and flavorful. Long live Top Chef!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Your picture is beautiful. It sounds delicious!


Mahi mahi is one of my favorite fish....yours looks delicious and I love the flavor!

Great job as always!


This looks like a simple and tasty dish! I don't eat fish but I've passed the recipe along to my friend who I think would enjoy it.


Mmmmm, that looks amazing!


Oooops, Happy 4th!


10 minutes? I'm impressed! Looks like it came out perfectly!


This looks absolutely incredible!!!!


That mahi mahi looks SO good!

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