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July 16, 2009


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Tangled Noodle

Talk about serendipity - you found squash blossoms and the magazine was right there featuring a recipe! But it doesn't end there - I was kicking myself for not picking these up at the farmer's market this past weekend. Now, I plan to go back and (hopefully) pick them up; now, I have a great recipe to work with, too!


It sounds like we had similar Sundays at the Dupont Farmer's Market: http://beetsandbonbons.blogspot.com/2009/07/tempura-battered-squash-blossoms.html

Next time I'll try your recipe to see how they are not fried.

Christine Medifast

Must say, you are daring. This is something I've always enjoyed eating, but ran away at the thought of making them myself. They just seem so complicated and with me still learning all the tricks in the kitchen I have been sticking with simple options. They look great! Can't believe how many options you found in one magazine. Might have to start looking in magazines for random recipes too.

Thanks for sharing this,

Christine M.


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