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July 10, 2009


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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

This shrimp looks wonderful - I'm not sure I would want the crab legs and lobster instead. You always pick such great recipes!


Wow, that looks amazing!!


Now that looks delicious! It looks like it's pretty easy to put together too so I'll definitely have to try it.


Have fun at the wedding!


Look at all that shrimpy goodness. I've had chicken enchilado once, but not shrimp. This is a nice change.

have a fun time at the wedding.


My mom makes a version of this that is super yummy. And you must have it with fluffy white rice so that all that wonderful sauce will get soaked up.

Good luck with all the traveling.

The Duo Dishes

Mmmm, so good. So good. Why is it an -o and not an -a? :)


Love shrimps...and this one that you feature look really yummie! Enjoy your travel and the wedding :-)

Cookin' Canuck

This looks like a perfect dish for a weeknight meal - quick and satisfying. I think it looks fabulous even without the plantains.


I want this to be my dinner! The flavors here sound great, and I love shrimp (and crab and lobster).


Sinful. That's how this one looks. Sinfully delicious. Who knew something without chocolate could look so good?

Tangled Noodle

It's spicy, saucy shrimp over steamed rice . . . it's absolutely perfect! It's just as well you left out the plantains; otherwise, you would've turned me into a drooling, ravenous madwoman. As it is, I'm just drooling!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

Looks delish! Clam juice is such an easy way to add seafood flavor to a dish. And no worries, lots of yummy cheap eats in NYC :)


I love your site and recipes.
That is why I am passing an award onto you.
Please pick it up at my site.


Yum, yum... I am on a seafood kick and this might be my next sin.

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Now that looks delicious! It looks like it's pretty easy to put together too so I'll definitely have to try it.

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