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July 20, 2009


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Wow..I'd break my diet to have a bowl of that right now!!!!


I can't believe I still don't have this book. That's it - I'm getting it this week because your ice cream looks super yummy.

Lindsey Johnson

I'm making that today! I saw another recipe in the latest issue of Gourmet. I don't have David's book (yet) so I was going to use that recipe. BUT, thanks to you, now I can! My husband doesn't think he's too interested in this particular flavor. We'll see if he changes his tune. :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

This ice cream looks SO good. I think I might just have to make some. I have quite a few egg yolks left from some baking I have been doing with egg whites - this may be the perfect solution. I wouldn't want to be wasteful, after all!


This one is a top 3 in our household for sure. It's dangerous however. One could easily find themselves rationalizing eating the whole lot. It's especially nice with a very tiny touch of your best sea salt right at the last second.


I really need to try this ice cream one day. Every time I see it, I say I'm going to make it and then I forget.


I've tried this ice cream before, (at my sister's, Chelsea's, place) SOO GOOD. This post is putting me into euphoric food reveries.


There is nothing wrong with making a shrine to David ;) I pretty much had the same reaction when I saw his post on this particular ice cream ... you've pulled it off BEEEEEEEAUTIFULLY miss!

Madam Chow

Bad, Teanna! Bad girl, trying to sabotage Madam Chow's diet this way!


I think this one is my favorite ice cream recipe. It's great with a little espresso powder in it too


Yum that ice cream looks cool and delicious! I want some now! My air conditioner has not took a break all day..it's getting hot in here..so.....eat some of your ice cream!:0)

The Duo Dishes

OMG. This was probably gone in 60 seconds, right? No way it lasted. No way!


Gosh, I can not wait to make this ice cream. It looks so freaking good!


I need an ice cream maker! Nicely done, T!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

This ice cream looks and sounds heavenly! I loooove salted desserts! And I've already broken my diet with last week's ice cream crawl :)


I cannot make this ice cream. I mean, I probably will eventually make this ice cream, but then I will eat all of it and feel very guilty.


Great minds think alike! I also made this ice cream this past weekend (I've been meaning to make it for like 3 years now. Oh - and I also didn't add the caramel praline mix in). Was a little worried during the caramel making phase as mine totally seized up. But it all came together at the end. I concur - it is fabulous!!


Wow, yum! And The Perfect Scoop just arrived at my door today!


That looks like heavenly ice cream! Thanks so much for posting - I have to try it!

Cookin' Canuck

This is a brilliant ice cream combination! I have had caramel chocolates with sea salt on top (gorgeous), but never ice cream like this. I think David Lebovitz deserves a shrine for this one.

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