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July 23, 2009


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Isn't it great when the unexpected happens. I need to get me some lamb and gorgonzola now.


Yum....that looks fabulous. I love lamb too..nice work!



At which point in the dough recipe did you freeze it?


Hi Jennifer! I froze it after the second rise and then let it come to room temperature for a few hours before shaping and baking!

The Duo Dishes

You're too funny! It's great how a little misfortune turned into something so tasty. It must've been in the stars to have lamb over figs.


The food on your blog is just gorgeous! Lots for me to check out here...

Joan Nova

very funny scenario...seriously delicious looking pizza!


as much as i enjoy this little reenactment, i would’ve preferred to have been the star of the show, gleefully eating such a masterpiece. your description has me weak in the knees. stop, hammer time indeed.


WHY, oh, why can't I be more clever in the telling of my baking adventures? I'm a dud.

Bummer on the figs but good save with the lamb. Your pizza looks delish.

Cookin' Canuck

What a perfect Hollywood script! Of course, anything that ends with delicious food is a perfect ending to me. Great save!


Thank you so much! With only two of us in the house (I know you can relate), if I make pizza crust, I'm always unsure about freezing it. Now I don't have to be. Thank you, Teanna.:)


Homemade pizza is the best thing ever - I am convinced! Yours looks great! I'm glad you were able to come up with something that worked after the fig disappointment.


that is one good looking pizza, I love homemade pizza more than anything since you can control what toppings goes on the pizza and how much cheese to put on it.


Too bad I went vegetarian. boo. Look what living in Hollywood did to me! It made me all animal ethical and sh*t. I do love a good pizza, oh you have no idea!

Did I mention you're awesome?!



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