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June 23, 2009


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It looks beautiful and I love your photos.

Enjoy all your energy while you have it!!


Love your presentation, Teanna... as usual you always come up with great ways to make everything look more interesting!


I laughed at the bit about going to a wedding or two every weekend - I totally remember doing that, oh, ten or so years ago. And it is the tasting of my food while cooking that kills me too. If I could keep my mouth shut while cooking/baking I could actually ENJOY whatever I made without being stuffed/feeling guilty from the preparation picking. In any event, your dacquoise looks incredible. You are a brave, brave woman to start this at 10 p.m. I skipped this week but hope to revisit it someday!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Looks delicious! I love pineapple!

Elizabeth - Cake or Death?

I read this thinking, what the WHAT? 1 am? Major props, girl! TWD bakers are a crazy dedicated bunch! Love the idea of the meringue bowls, and glad you were able to make it work, despite a lack of sleep. :)


busy busy and still found time to make this one? you are a superstar


Your "plates" are more than bowl-like enough for me!

Nice call on the coconut creme mousseline. I wonder if you up the yolk content here if you could get the desired consistency w/o the cornstarch.

Using cornstarch always makes me feel like a cheater for some reason, is that weird?


What a creative take on this recipe...I love the idea of using the meringue as a bowl for something...I would love to make these as little mini bowls and put fruit and cream in them...wow, you have hit upon something for sure! Love the post, love the idea of your jaunts all over the place, and love the look of this dessert!


As I've read your blog, I often wonder how in the world you manage to whip up some of these tasty concoctions that blow my crap out of the water, but now I realize you aren't sleeping! I'm not that dedicated, so I'll continue to want to be like you while still cramming in 6 hours of sleep. I must admit that when we did the tall and creamy cheesecake, I was setting the alarm for turning off the oven, getting it out of the oven and finally putting it in the fridge, so maybe I can be like you one day!

The Duo Dishes

Whoa! That's a long title. So much going on in that dish, it's amazing! Don't know how you had time to do it, but it's good you did. Yum.


You really rock in the kitchen, baking, TWD department! Great job. Yep, I "chickened out" on this one. Really though, I just couldn't get it done, and it's hot and humid here and blah, blah, blah. Great job, Teanna!
I went for a quick, easy TWD rewind.


Wow that is some dedication to baking to stay up late and wake up early to finish it! Looks gorgeous though. The coconut creme mousseline sounds especially delicious.

Lori Ann

I can't believe the hours you keep!
The individual serving looks fantastic! I love the meringue bowl - it's soo puffy and full.


I love your interpretation of this dessert - looks great! Sorry to hear that life is so hectic - at least you have baking to keep you sane.


That's nuts! Okay you got my sympathy but it only gets better after you have kids! Sometimes I wish my kids were the kind that sat like lumps on a log vegging on the couch.

Teanna despite it all it looks and sounds amazing!


I'm like that too. Everyday I say I won't bake something for a week, but then I end up baking something the next day. I always tell myself the diet starts tmr, but it never does. TWD and baking is going to drive me to obesity!


I left you comments on all your yummy stuff (including the fun bread) yesterday, but I don't see them here. My computer locked up around the time I was sending them, so maybe that's it.
Awesome job on the daquoise. You rock in the TWD baking world! ;)


looks delicious.


Wow, you do need a vacation, you poor thing! Your dacquoise looks phenomenal, like something served in a nice restaurant. Great job!


Wow, and I thought I had it bad! I only go back and forth to Madison every other weekend, and that's time-consuming enough! Kudos on fitting this week's TWD in though!

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