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June 30, 2009


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StreamingGourmet (Amy Wilson)

You make it look easy, but it can't be easy. Is buttered parchment on in a buttered pan the secret to getting layer cakes out without any sticking/crumbling?


"trampoline of goodness." love it.


Wow...look at that cake!!! I can just imagine the 4 additional layers on top. i want some of that now!!!!

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Beautiful job! Your cake looks sensational! I love all the thin layers. It looks like it came from a fancy European bakery.


Your cake is just amazing! Great job!


c'est superbe toutes ces couches ! un gâteau zébré parfait :)

Madam Chow

You should serve some "baby back, baby back, baby back ribs" with that, Teanna! ;)



We had a healthy version of this in cupcake form w/no buttercream, but now I am totally wanting the whole shabang!


I LOVE that you made the cake like that! And blackberry preserves...oh, that sounds delicious.

I would happily eat this cake again and again and again. We loved it.

You did a gorgeous job on the cake, Teanna!!!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

That cake looks delicious! I love how all of the layers are displayed in your photos - beautiful!


Your perfect party cake looks AMAZING. I'm dying for a towering slice! And you've given me new hope for a buttercream frosting I might just like. I'll try the Sprinkles. Thanks!!


Wow! It looks a lot like a Dobos Torte. More importantly, it looks delicious! I bet that it will be a hit at the big birthday celebration this weekend.

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

This is unbelievable, Teanna! I can barely make a 2 layer cake. The blackberry preserves and lemon frosting sound wonderful together. Going to check out the recipe for when I'm feeling ambitious one day.


Your cake looks gorgeous. I love all the layers. The PPC was a big hit. I'm definitely making it again.


Amazing. I want it in my belleh too. I love all the layers. The unfrosted photo looks like the most decadent stack of pancakes ever. :) Great job.


Absolutely amazing Teanna! ...and do think you could have gone higher!!! WOW!

A very creative twist on a crêpe cake! Way fluffier and much easier to slice right! Nice going!


So, did you like it? You seem kind of ambivalent so I wasn't sure.

Awesome cake! Honestly, you make me want to give this one a try again.

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

WOW, Teanna! Your cake is amazing and gorgeous - I can't believe how many layers you put in there!

p.s. Love the Austin Powers reference! ;)


def worth extra time in the gym. love the layers!


Wowee - it looks fantastic with all of those layers and the pretty filling between each one!

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