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June 16, 2009


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I'm so glad that you liked this. I'm not a fan of peaches, so I subbed plums and it came out beautiful but bitter :(


Wow! That ice cream looks amazing! Caramelized white chocolate sauce......Delicioso!


I love love love the sauce you added! Brilliant!


This sounds so delicious, especially with the prosecco! That caramelized white chocolate looked amazing. Can't wait to try that.


Oh no you didn't?? Caramelized white chocolate? Caramel+white chocolate are my two favorite-est things in the world. I'll be back (say like Terminator) to read that post... HA! Ice cream looks delish! Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Ooh, looks and sounds great! Love your post.
FYI, I did just find the Lion House Dessert book available from Amazon. ;)

LoveFeast Table

Who's more genius than you right now, for putting those two delish things together? That looks killer!


Your ice cream with the sauce drizzled on top looks gorgeous. I can't wait to read about the caramelized white chocolate!


Ay me, prosecco sounds incredible. Beautiful ice cream!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oh my GAH - you are killing me with that picture!!! This looks amazing!! Great variations....I need to make this again....right now! :-)


Wow. I want some. That sauce looks amazing. Way to take it to the next level. For reals.


Whoa, this just showed up in my reader and looks absolutely amazing.

Sugar B

For reals though.

I love your ice cream! It looks so restaurant-fancy. And the sauces?! Daaaaaaaaayaaaaammm.

You did good. You did good. ;)


Your ice cream looks wonderful. I'll have to try the carmelized white chocolate sauce. It sounds amazing.

The Duo Dishes

Adding the prosecco is nice! Saw your Tweet about it for Mormons. Hmmm, we say it's fine! They'll eat it up.

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Yummy! And such an awesome sauce! :)


you go girl...I love the prosecco idea....white chocolate sauce...yes, that definitely deserves a post of its own.


How so refined! Elegant and delicate at the same time, although is was a kick a** ice cream like you say, adding the bellini part was a nice touch. Nice going!

P.s.: The word for peach in French is the same as fishing. Like "carrot" and "karat" or "cellar" and "seller", in English, except it even is written the same.


Prosecco - you are my hero. Although I think I say that to you every week - you never disappoint!


OMG...adding that sauce is genius!!! This must have been amazing!! I was obsessed with this ice cream...yours looks out of control amazing!

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