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June 02, 2009


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These look great! That thick icing invites you to sink your teeth into it. I try not to think too hard about the chocolate and butter in Dorie's recipes, and to "share the love" with the finished product as much as possible. I am looking forward to next week's cute, single serve, light and fruity tart though!


yeah, and then my unfrosted cake is *glistening* this morning, just shouting out its butteriness...

yours looks delicious!


I love cinnamon, I always add extra! Great treat!


You crack me up. I was thinking the butter mixing part looked a tad gross--it was weird it looked like fat on refried beans. But--after mixing it was fine! The sun is keeping me away as well. Considering we get 3 months of nice weather...Im trying to soak it in!!


Thanks, Teanna, I was trying not to think about my arteries when I ate this. Now that it's gone, I'll give them some brief consideration before I attack next week's recipe.

Even though you didn't play around with it, yours looks perfect! I think this is how Dorie must have intended the recipe, since it has the perfect stripe and clean lines. Way to go!

Nicole (dishin')

This looks delicious. I love frosting!

Thanks for your comment about NYC. We had a great time and I can see how you miss living there. The food and atmosphere was amazing! I actually lived in DC about 4 years ago then moved back home(Boston).

Not sure if you've been there yet but before you move away, you have to try the brunch at Georgia Browns in DC. I still think about it! So good!

Have a great day!


Don't ever try to visualize butter, flour, and sugar running through your veins. You'll never eat it again!


I cut the butter to only 4 T. and 6 T. of yogurt. Still good cake, but I didn't feel my arteries closing up quite as much! ;)
Your cake looks great. Love the thick layer of chocolate on the top!


If you ever make the Smith Island layer cake version of this, I'd love to read about it. All those layers of cake and chocolate have to be good!


That frosting looks amazing! I don't care what my arteries look like!

Lady Baker

your cake and frosting came out great!
you are so right--that's most likely EXACTLY what the arteries are looking like! LOL...


Looks fantastic. I had the same exact thought while I was mixing in the butter. Any gained poundage can totally be blamed on these desserts, but they taste so good.


Mmm delicious what a perfectly frosted cake!


mmm, yours looks so good! i really was looking forward to making this... but no time. now you don't have to worry about knowing the calories, though ;)


It looks like it turned out great! And yes, the butter is attacking my arteries as we speak. Thanks for alerting me of this. :-)


Your ribbon of chocolate is clearly visible...how did you DO THAT?? The frosting on the top is so nicely swirled...how did you DO THAT?? I could use some hands on experience...other people's hands showing me how. Yours looks great. Kudos on the tan so early in the season, too!


Yum I could reach right on over and grab a square!

Madam Chow

I'm with you on the butter, but boy, does that cake look good!


I'm sure the cake was just as good, creative layers or not... now... go play in the sun and enjoy!

Well done Teanna!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Ha! Just don't think about the butter....that's what I do! :-) Great looking squares - love that shiny frosting!

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