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June 01, 2009


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Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

What a feast! Your boyfriend is one lucky guy! Everything looks really wonderful. I'll definitely be trying out a few of these recipes.


It sounds like a perfect weekend -- sorry about the rain Friday night. The dinner looks amazing and what a fantastic spread of food!


I love Latin Flavors! The dinner looks fantastic.


what an awesome feast! congrats to jack!


Wow, what a spread! Everything looks fantastic! I'm glad you guys had a nice weekend :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Wow, fabulous feast! Excellent Latin flavors!

Nicole (dishin')

What a great idea! This looks delicious.


Wow, what a fantastic feast! The dipping sauce does sound amazing, and the shrimp look delicious.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow - so much delicious food! Sounds like a fun weekend!


Wow, now that's a menu. Sounds like an amazingly fun weekend. I'm sure Jack appreciates it very much.


Oh my word, you went all out! Congrats to Jack; this was certainly a feast worthy of his accomplishments. And lucky Jack for having such a cool, fun, talented woman to take such good care of him! Your feast is incredible!

The Duo Dishes

That is definitely a spread to make anyone happy! Talk about going to bed fat and happy. :) What a way to celebrate. The miso dressing sounds really great.


Wow that is quite the meal! Lucky boyfriend.


Your boyfriend must love all of your meals. This looks so good.


WOW, now there's a feast! It all sounds so delicious! What a wonderful way to make your bf feel special!


Oh, all this looks so great...you never do anything in a small way. I cannot wait for you to open a restaurant. Congrats again to Jack and YOU, and best wishes for the parenting skills for Gryf. Great looking food!

mallory elise

hahahahaa. i saw "Latin American Barbeque" and thought----hmmmmm she subscribes to Gourmet :P i've been thinking about doing some of their recipes too.

Lori @ RecipeGirl

Wow!! Everything sounds so wonderful. I love to make a complete meal like that. Congrats to your boyfriend!


A wonderful meal, I am loving those shrimpies. :)
Do you have the new dog now?

Tangled Noodle

You are amazing! Jack may be a great boyfriend but you're a one-of-a-kind girlfriend. I've been married to my sweet for 15 years and he's never had a feast quite like this out of me.

Thanks for the all the recipe links - I'll have to try some out although I don't know if Mr. Noodle will be as lucky as Jack and get the full table!

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