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June 11, 2009


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Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Oh no! So sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted... it looks fab, though!! Especially with that yummy ice cream! :) Thanks for baking with me this week!!


Don't worry, we all have those moments. I'm sorry the tart wasn't what you expected however your photo looks appealing! There's always next time, right?

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

It looks beautiful! Everyone's tastes are different, so sometimes I will not be impressed with a dish that tons of other people love.

I know exactly what you mean about experimenting for dinner parties - I, too, have a habit of picking very ambitious menus when we are having company.

The Duo Dishes

Awww, we've heard that rule and always break it. Cook what you know...we'll try to remember that next time we're freaking in the kitchen. :) But everyone loved it, so you're fiiiiiine. The ice cream looks parfait!


That's definitely happened to all of us I think. Every time I host a food event at my house I try new recipes and inevitably screw at least one up. When will I learn?

Your tartlet looks great and that ice cream sounds awesome!!


No need to fret. It looks gorgeous. Sometimes thing don't turn out the way they're supposed to. But I'm glad the next one came out alright. See things turn around.


It sounds like your Tuesday was pretty crazy! The tartlets were kind of plain, but I was ok with that. Ice cream on the side would definitely be the way to go for this one.


I'm so sorry this turned out to be a disaster! ...and that you didn't like the tartlets. Perhpas the choice of apple? or of sugar (brown is much better in my opinion!).

Nevertheless it looks very pretty and totaly tasty!

LOL I have learnt a loooooong time ago, never to test new recipes on guests! Oh! NO! LOL ...the nightmares I've been through too! LOL I laugh now, but it wasen't pretty when it happened!


Sorry this was a disappointment for you! Not everyone who made the apple was thrilled with it. I made peach and raspberry and they were outrageous. I think you'd love this one if you tricked it up a bit (check out Liz at Cake or Death) and if you did it when you weren't having issues with the rest of the meal. Or you can go back to Dorie's chocolate tart which is one of my top three of all time.


The tarts can benefit from some cinnamon or something, but I think everyone just really loved how simple it was.
I SOOO have that same habit, planning meals and entertaining that I just can't get done all on my own, but want to! I just need a taste of that ice cream, K!


I am sorry that did not come as you expected, but looks alright to me :-) at least the apple tart. Looks delicious with the ice cream.


It looks lovely, but I'm sorry it was a let down for you. Now that ice cream is something I REALLY have to try, though!


Bummer! It does look lovely though. And the ice cream is to die for!


Well it looks wonderful to me! I find myself doing the same thing at dinner parties: biting of more than i can chew and experimenting. I like that quote... I need to remember that!
That icecream looks heavenly! mmmmmmm!


Mmm both the tart and ice cream look delicious! Sorry to hear you didn't like the tart though. I definitely need to learn not to experiment with new things at dinner parties!! I do that all the time and spend much time stressing about how it will turn out.


I think the tart looks wonderful! It's weird because for some reason when I bring stuff to parties, that is when I decide to try something new.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

It's not easy to make a new recipe for a dinner party but I'm sure the tart was excellent if everyone loved it. But I totally understand how you feel. I've had situations where everyone loved the dish but it just wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be. So then even if it is good, I felt kind of disappointed.


The icecream looks and sounds devine! Sorry that the tart wasn't your thing - that's OK, because we all like different stuff.


Well, it all looks really great! Especially that ice cream. I know a lot of people added more sugar (me included) so maybe that would have helped.


Uh,oh! Sorry about the mishaps! At least you got that all out of your system. Now it will be smooth sailings for the next few months!

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