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June 25, 2009


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I saw this recipe in Gourmet, ripped it out, and then moved to my pile of recipes I will probably never make but keep because it looks/sounds delicious and can't bear to throw away. I moved from my make this week pile because as I read it, it sounded just too complicated for something only I would eat. My husband hates eggplant.


I love this! For some reason, I have terrible luck making eggplant parm. this one looks doable and delicious!


Ok, I have to eat that! It looks super good!! I am a huge eggplant fan!

Mary Ann

This looks amazing. I would love it. and I am totally impressed with your skills on the cauliflower soup- yum!

Stacey Snacks

I love eggplant most!

However, if it is thick and mushy, it is evil!


I was eyeballing that recipe online - but since I'm the only person in my house that would eat it, I had to pass. But I'm glad to know it was good!


As someone who actually tried your version of this recipe, I give it two thumbs WAY up!


ooh this looks REALLY good! i saw this recipe in the magazine and thought about making it but my husband is not an eggplant fan .. i might have to make it just for myself!!


I'd eat this in a heartbeat..yum!

The Duo Dishes

Deconstructed is the thing! It's cool to see all the ingredients right in front of your eyes.


I really LOVE eggplant when it is done right. And I really hate it when it is done wrong. You've clearly done it right! I am going to bookmark this recipe for some weekend night (because this is not looking like a weeknighter to me!) when I am in the mood for really awesome eggplant dish!


I love it when you can recreate a dish like this. Deconstruction rocks! (then again, so does eggplant!!)


I love eggplant! Can't wait to make this one!

Miranda Hagan

This looks wonderful...


That's a beautiful, innovative idea!

StreamingGourmet (Amy Wilson)

I have an eggplant in the fridge and have been looking for something to do with it. Thanks!

Nicole (dishin')

What an awesome idea. I usually have trouble cooking eggplant without breading it but I'll have to give this a try!


Love the photo! Looks delish!

The Duo Dishes

The picture says it all! Everything about each layer looks good. The egg layer actually sounds great under all that goodness.


I love eggplant parm and seeing new and different ways to serve it. Your stack with the mozzarella looks great!

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