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June 24, 2009


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Wow..that's a first for me. Salmon and crepes. Look great. Very elegant in presetation.

I must add that book to my collection.


Hahaha - good shouting - I hadn't realized you could have that in the kitchen. Have I mentioned that I'm super jealous though? My bf cooks steak, yours makes salmon crepes... Wanna trade? ;)


These do look quite inviting.

I remember my first time making crepes. Sara went away to some awful family event in NY and left me at home. I made crepes and they were so good I couldn't stop making / eating them. I didn't follow any recipe, so I felt like a cooking god when they came out perfect (I think adding a little browned butter to the batter before cooking makes a huge difference in taste/not sticking to the pan).

I ended up so full that I had to freeze a bunch of them. Obv. I was overly optimistic, as they of course were terrible defrosted and the whole lot went right in the trash.


Oh, Jack, you are the man! That looks absolutely perfect and delicious! Welcome to the addiction called French cooking! You will never be the same.


You're one lucky girl to have a boyfriend that can make this!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Perfect crepes! Smoked salmon filling sounds good, wish we had it with our savory crepes yesterday.

The Duo Dishes

Savory crepes top their sweet counterparts any day. Any day! This is fairly reminiscent of the ones on the streets of Paris...!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Such a cute post - it does sound like you have a winner - in both the recipe and your boyfriend! I think I am going to look for a copy of that book, too.


It's so cool that you can flip a crepe.


That looks so delicious! I love smoked salmon anyway, but this really looks like a perfect crepe.


That's a great story and funny and way to go, Jack!

Cookin' Canuck

Well done, Jack! It sounds as though you are tackling those recipes with gusto. This looks delicious and what a fun post!


This sounds like what goes on when my husband attempts to cook something and how I try to intervene. :)


Beautiful crepes! I need to learn that crepe flipping skill too. ;)


oh my God. I LOVE crepes. One of my fav crepes I had were with smoked salmon and pistachio cheese. Awesome.
I tried making crepe at home, but failed miserably...I didn't have the right pan!


Those look incredible. I wish I could cook as well as Jack


These crepes sound so good!

Rerto Jordans

I'm glad to be of your space. The pictures are good-looking, and writing is very good!

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I remember my first time making crepes. Sara went away to some awful family event in NY and left me at home.

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