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June 08, 2009


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This would ruin icecream for me if it had all those texture transformations. It's pretty cool that people can come up with this kind of stuff though!

Cookin' Canuck

I'll stick to regular ice cream, thank you very much. I hate to think how many chemicals are added to achieve this odd effect.


Whoa!! What??? I'd have my ice cream the ol' fashioned way.


Gross! Dear Mad Scientists: Let Jello be Jello and leave ice cream alone!


Thanks for the heads up!I'm out on this one!


Hmmm, a glue-like dessert - tempting as it sounds, I think I'll skip that one.


Ew that doesn't sound very good..

The Duo Dishes

Relating ice cream to the consistency of Jell-O is troubling!


I was actually there today and was thinking about getting it. Unfortunately I didn't or was it fortunately?

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