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June 18, 2009


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I am trying this asap! I have some white chocolate chips in my pantry so maybe I'll try it with those this time and next time I'll use higher quality white chocolate. Love the photos!

Phyllis (me HUNGRY!)

me too, me too! I can't resist white chocolate either but my dark chocolate snob hubby always scoffs at me. Can't wait to try this recipe!


Mmm delicious I definitely must make this soon!


I was still thinking about this one from your TWD post, glad to have the recipe!

The Duo Dishes

This is so interesting. It almost doesn't make sense! Caramelized white chocolate? Huh? But it looks great in that jar. Perfect for a hot brownie!


I can drizzle that over so many desserts. Ah heck I'll even eat it by the spoon full. LOL. Mmmm...


I love that this is made in the oven and not on the stove. Well, really I love that it looks so delicious!


I admit, I'm guilty. A chocolate snob, yes. But a sweets lover through and through, and this looks like just the thing that could cure me of my snobbishness (Dorie's dacquoise took me a long way).

Cookin' Canuck

What an original idea! Thanks to you and David Lebovitz. This looks addictive!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Thanks for posting the recipe, awesome!


This may be the only way I ever eat white chocolate. YUM!


I am making this tomorrow to give to a friend for her birthday. This sauce must have been killer with the ice cream!


This sounds incredibly delicious, and after that build up, it is a must-try!! It must have been beautiful, paired with honey peach ice cream!!


What an amazing sauce! Yum!


Ooh, I never knew such an animal existed. I'm with you... sounds dangerous!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my - looks so good! I have to save this one for later, though - ate too many rich foods on vacation, and I need to cut back this week! Definitely starred for later, though!


Thank you Teanna! This is going to make me a hero to Jalen, on of my twins. Maybe now he won't keep telling me how I favor the other twin! :)


This was really good! It is very strange to see the white chocolate get a little clumpy as it caramelizes, but as you say, it does come back together with stirring. Thanks for sharing this.

Ferrero Rocher philippines

Wow! it looks so sweet and delicious i will try doing this,love this.


Acai Berry

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